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  1. On 2/21/2022 at 9:54 AM, Cypher99 said:

    Unpopular opinions?


    - Every death where you don’t value your life should automatically be a CK. No exceptions. No appeals. 

    - The housing market should be reset and price caps reintroduced immediately. This will prevent anyone from overpaying for a house from the get go.

    - Money should not be a barrier to role play.

    - People should drive more realistic. This isn’t Need for Speed.

    - Warnings are over rated. Start banning bitches, CK’ing their characters and taking their assets. People might start to listen then. 


    Easy there, Adolf.

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  2. 10 hours ago, hipsxn said:

    @StateofMindYou have 48 hours to respond before a decision is taken.

    I didn't know we were in a PK war. As a day before this, Craazy mass dmed the entire faction for reasons I am not sure about. From what I have seen in PB discord, Suso was trying to cut interactions with Craazy's group because there was no point in roleplaying with the bunch. Next day this happened. For me, this is all in the past. I left the faction when that happened.

    But even if the PK is valid(which is not, it was pure DM and I'm still surprised ''He killed my girlfriend'' works as a two cent excuse), it was a defensive situation, not an attack. They were on our turf, pressing locals and I also heard gunshots while seeing one of the members flee the scene. It was all in the heat of the moment. I got PKd and that was it.

  3. On 12/29/2021 at 2:22 PM, Craazy said:

    You were targeted due to your affiliations with Angelo Nitt, Romello Knox, and Chaylen Murray.

    I never specifically said you or Roscoe shot at my girlfriend though your group was directly responsible for the death which is why my character decided to open fire on the both of you. I was aiming for Roscoe though seeing as how you were both right next to each other, one of you was killed in the crossfire.

    Here is the exact conversation I had with Banks.

      Reveal hidden contents

    [21:20:12] (( PM from (478) Banks: Hi, why did you shoot Lavon Webster and Roscoe? ))
    [21:20:33] : (( PM to (478) Banks: Rival gang, they opened on our block and shot my IC girlfriend after telling us to leave and never come back even tho we all live there. ))
    [21:20:40] : (( PM to (478) Banks: Already explained it to their faction leader. ))
    [21:21:09] (( PM from (478) Banks: OK, Lavon was claiming that you attacked twice in the span of 10 minutes or something like that ))
    [21:21:23] : (( PM to (478) Banks: Yeah, it's cause during the first attack is when they killed my girlfriend. ))
    [21:21:54] (( PM from (478) Banks: Uhh alright ))

    As you can see, I started my sentence with "rival gang" meaning not directly you but Pueblos as a whole.
    At the time I wrote this PM, I had recently seen Vivian Stewart's body in a backyard laying dead and Chaylen Murray departing from the scene.

    As a result, I was led to believe that Vivian Stewart was killed by Chaylen Murray though a few hours later, it was confirmed to me that LSSD members killed Vivian.


    Regardless, my character did not know this and acted on what he knew, exacting revenge by shooting at you two (confirmed Pueblo affiliates).

    Although even if he did know that it was the LSSD that killed Vivian, he would have still blamed the death on your gang as the entire situation was escalated by your gang, and reacted the same by shooting at you and Lavon.

    I do not believe this was DM as your group was directly responsible for how things turned out, and that is all the reason my character needed to open fire on any confirmed Pueblo affiliates.

    To recap, my character wanted to kill Roscoe Pressley as he was a confirmed affiliate of Angelo Nitt/Romello Knox/Chaylen Murray, the three people he blames for the incident. You were directly in front of Roscoe Pressley (from my POV) and were killed in the crossfire.

    This will be my only response to this report until an admin requests further, however before I depart, I'd like to note that the reporting party (Lavon Webster) returned to open fire on our affiliates despite being killed. There is a report on him, and another report against my group, so seeing as how these situations are connected, I figured I'd link the other reports here to make it easier for the handling admin(s) to gather the information they may need.

    Report against us for the initial shooting:

    Report against @Nega for revenge-killing:

    1) Who confirmed I was a Pueblo BB affiliate?

    2) I was not involved in any of the shootouts between you and the other members of PBB.

    3) I was standing next to Roscoe, my death screenshots can prove that. You haven't changed much from your owlgaming days.

    4) For the admin who's gonna pick this report. I do not want any punishments given out in this incident, I want this to get voided and my assets refunded.

  4. Date of incident: Just now

    Rules broken: Deathmatch/Common Courtesy

    Your ingame name: Lavon Webster

    Names of witnesses (if applicable): @Banks

    Explanation of the incident (250 word limit): I don't really know what happened because I was tabbed. But apparently after killing three people for no reason. Five minutes later, Silas drove by and killed me and another member of 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods. After an in game report, the reason he gave Banks was that I killed his ''girlfriend''. Aside from breaking the deathmatch rule, he broke the common courtesy rule by lying to an admin. 








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