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  1. Gonna bid the max for buyout, $476,708. Hmu.
  2. Still interested? It's yours now if you want it.
  3. Yours by tomorrow if no one else bidding.
  4. 1110 Invention Court. Vespucci Canals. Starting Bid: $160.000 Maximum Buyout: $400,000
  5. Noted the bids and the buyout. Property will primarily be geared towards characters who roleplay locally in Vespucci in-case of multiple buyouts. Giving this 17 more hours.
  6. 390 Imagination Court. Floor 2, Room 1. Vespucci Canals. Starting Bid: $150.000 Maximum Buyout: $300,000
  7. It's just 1 floor. Acknowledging 130k as highest bidder. Bid will close in 2 days.
  8. This interior was changed almost a year ago. This is the same interior ever since. Acknowledging $110,000 bid.
  9. 2362 Bridge Street. Floor 2, Room 1. Starting Bid: $150.000 Buyout: $300,000
  10. Give Support Staff the ability to moderate the report, they do what they usually do like handle spam etc, but give them the opportunity to advance a report with questions in regards to the report and evidence, that way they don't sit locked for weeks and months. They make sure they can create a proper timeline of events with the people involved in the report for the Handling Admin to then make the ruling on after reviewing all the info and responses. tl;dr - give Support staff the role of advancing reports so theyre not idle and pointless and then handling admins conclude them.
  11. Would introducing a script message system to tell you how long you're on the Admin's breakin request list help? Knowing how many admins are on-duty and where you number on the breakin list may help give some understanding how long your request may take. Gives some purpose to planning ahead and if you're so low on that list you could try again the next day. It's better than holding onto your dick for 4 hours waiting for a mfer to reply.
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