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  1. Been in PD, tried to bring in a good portion of this but you see the issue is, a pretty large number of people (both LEO and Civilian/Gang ect) don't understand the concept of portraying a realistic character. In this day and age, role-play seems to consist of who has the biggest e-penis/e-tits (owning the fanciest car, being the best driver - more often in the city sadly.. - being a power hungry brat, being a luxury level 9000 Miss Dubai 2019, being Rambo or Hulk or something dumb like that.. Hobbs from FnF would be a good example.) and that's just the start of it. Also why the hell are there soooo many British characters /living/ in LS? If it were a holiday visit I'd get it but for long term stay, this is a bit too much imo. So as superb as all this that you have written up is.. you simply can't fix stupid people (sorry to be rude). If anything this can easily be branched out and meant for every form of character there is, civilian, gang, ems, leo so on but that will hardly help anyway. People just don't know how to do passive role-play well enough for this to work. Any time I had pulled up to assist as a cover unit, I wouldn't just sit there like I am a robot trying to solve the chicken and egg puzzle, instead, I had always done some sort of passive RP within the cruiser and sometimes been complimented by the person that had been pulled over for doing so. Despite all my negative thoughts though -- This is genuinely superb and should be taken in by the LSPD ASAP, in fact I'd nearly go as far as forming rules out of this that should be followed within the PD since A LOT of this is badly needed there.
  2. ? When you honestly didn't expect people to be against cleaning up their neighbourhoods. Okay let's put it this way. Immersion generated from dynamic trash objects is let's be honest, none. We only notice it when there is a can rolling around or when you've suddenly somehow driven over a brick in the middle of Downtown Vinewood or Mirror Park. Think of it this way, there are people who would like to see a more cleaner environment in non-ghetto areas while still keeping some trash because obviously no city is ever spotless, as a matter of fact, there is still plenty of dirt in the ghetto's after this mod has been installed (Yes, I tested it and it's more accurate than you may think). This is what that mod does. Not only that, it also increases performance just a tad which helps plenty of players on the server by lessening their CPU and GPU load which can increase their FPS and lessen their desync. I'm sure that alone is a very good reason to implement this mod.
  3. I agree. Seeing as this is meant to be a well developed city, there would be a thing like cleaner streets at the very least. I'll support this suggestion.
  4. So as it stands, we do appreciate all the new lovely updates that come out, of course some are odd here and there but new content is always great for a server that is still developing into something truly great. Yet, I feel that there is a lack of concern in an area that should be focused on the most - stability. While new updates are great and keeps the server fresh, having those updates on an unstable playground is.. disappointing. I for one, would much rather play on a server that works, doesn't crash 10+ times in the span of 3 hours and has decent sync, than get all excited over an update which will not really be playable since it keeps crashing in the middle of you doing something. So as a suggestion to the staff/development team and a question to the entire community -- Would you rather want development to be focused on fixing the crashes and anything else broken, increasing stability for the next month or two or would you rather new content with partial fixes as it has been going? Edit: I feel like this is something of a pressing concern considering the current stability problems with the server which really is annoying and demotivating a lot of people.
  5. The thing here is that it seems that there isn't enough understanding in staff/development about how business owners (the ones who sell things) receive/sell their product. At my job irl, which sells a wide variety of things from consumable products to lawnmower parts on Amazon - for example, we pay our lawnmower part suppliers like 50 Cents to 1 Euro for a lawnmower blade and most of the engine components, we then sell them from 12-50 euro. So I'm really not understanding this whole MASSIVE sink being implemented into businesses. The only times when loss occurs at sales businesses is literally, when you have bad investments or lack of interest in what you're selling. Essentially what I'm saying is that something that hasn't been broken is now broken. What should've been focused on in terms of businesses is the quality of RP provided by the people that run them, most of which are terrible. Edit: I understand that there is tax in all businesses but that tax still doesn't outweigh anything. Why do we need more money sinks? Stop focusing on something that currently isn't an issue, start focusing on fixing stability.
  6. You can try this, but I don't guarantee that it will work. https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/52764-how-to-avoid-rockstar-updates/
  7. Well, I tried working with archivefix to get a fix for PRSA working that occurs when you use NVR but it didn't seem to work. From my understanding all that needs doing is it needs to be installed via OpenIV, in GTAV/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/ - then the update.rpf needs to be put through archivefix. Even though I did that, it didn't work. I'm not entirely sure where I went wrong. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/prsa-enb-flickering-night-glitch-fix Any chance you could get this set up?
  8. Shinto

    ENB for Rage?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has found a neat ENB that is similar to PRSA but not PRSA as PRSA causes flickering issues during the night. I know there is a fix for it but installing it requires modifying the rpf files which in turn causes the broken/modified game archive error when launching up. So any ENBs that are bright and colourful would be great. Edit: The PRSA flickering bug occurs with NVR only to my knowledge.?
  9. My best recommendation would be to simply unscrew the AIO pump and have a look beneath, unless there is a warranty seal. Sounds to me that it may just need reseating or it may have inadequate amount/bad quality thermal paste. Also, if applicable see if all your driver's for the pump are correct. I had to install new drivers through CAM when I installed my Kraken AIO
  10. They seem to work for me, I'm on steam too.
  11. This does happen sometimes, not just with GTA either, quite frankly I've had the same problem occur over countless games. My suggestion is, just check if you've got all the latest updates geforce has to offer you, there was a new update for geforce experience yesterday or wednesday I believe, so just check if you're on the latest versions, if you are and the problem is still there, the next thing to do would be to uninstall geforce experience and/or your graphics drivers and reinstalling them, that's what usually fixed the issue for me.
  12. The prices are too low and too high as they are. If research was actually done before the prices were implemented we wouldn't have a problem. The thing about modifying cars IRL.. Putting an aftermarket turbo on a Lambo wouldn't cost any much more than putting one on a Civic so get this idiotic thought of it costing more to tune up a supercar being a thing, it's not. Edit: The price for an aftermarket component for all cars don't change. The only thing that changes is the labor cost, the only difference in costs is literally.. labor and even then, some cheaper cars can be more difficult to work on than an expensive supercar.
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