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  1. Will offer buying bid of $90,000?
  2. Please contact me, I am interested in offering buyout.
  3. I’d be looking to rent this property please
  4. Looking to offer more than buyout.
  5. Offering $180,000 buy today
  6. Hi I rented this, please email me for me to send you next weeks rent.
  7. I agree completely, but what would be the punishment for not fulfilling your bid/auction?
  8. New on the server, but made some friends quite early on. Me and @Linyahhave had a few good RPs, and also me and @Marz also seem to get ourselves in the maddest situations by accident.
  9. I’ll keep it short and sweet, if you advertise your vehicle/property and include a bidding option of any kind, example: starting bid - $XX buyout - $XXX You should be forced to add a deadline to the bidding, as currently you could keep the auction up until you get the price you want, what’s the point in a starting bid if you don’t accept it? This being said, use a starting bid as more of a reserve price, would be more efficient. You will accept it at this price if it becomes time to end and no one bids the buyout or higher.
  10. Hi, what’s your phone number?
  11. I have seen two completely stock models for around 90,000$. So just added a few K for the mods but am open to offers.
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