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  1. Interview with State Senator Linn Rosenberg BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - On the 2nd of December 2021, LSNN's Carry Saunders stepped in for Valeria Andreeva and interviewed Linn Rosenberg, one of the latest Democratic Senators to be inaugurated to the State Senate. During the broadcast, topics of discussion ranged from Senator Rosenberg's background in politics to alleged issues in the San Andreas Democrats party with party line discipline. Senator Linn Rosenberg (D) (left), Carry Saunders (center) Carry Saunders: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Thursday night politics special. I'm your host Carry Saunders, and tonight with me is the freshly appointed senator of the democratic party, Linn Rosenberg! Carry Saunders: (Carry smiles brightly and gestures to her guest, the introduced woman). Carry Saunders: Thank you so much for coming tonight, senator. Linn Rosenberg: Thank you for having me. (She gives her own bright smile.) Carry Saunders: Miss Rosenberg, we just earlier this week heard of the new senators - in fact, there's another one too, Joseph Hall, who also was in attendance last night- Carry Saunders: Now, while we /did/ some basic research the results yielded were, straight forward, unsatisfying. Carry Saunders: (Carry grins as innocently as a shark) Carry Saunders: Not even a facebrowser profile, standing tuesday- tell us, who is Senator Rosenberg? Carry Saunders: (Carry smiles and leans back a little, giving Linn space to talk after just pouring out words like a cataract) Linn Rosenberg: (Linn folds her hands together in her lap.) I tend to avoid social media's influences, but I may have to. In any case, I've already served San Andreas- I was a member of San Fierra's city council for... four or so years. Linn Rosenberg: You may not have heard of me prior, but I've done my best to help this beautiful state long before now. And now, I have more opportunities. Carry Saunders: (Carry nods along, playing with a pen in her hand that lays ready just for this purpose). Carry Saunders: So you're originally from Fierro? Linn Rosenberg: Yes, I am. It's a great city but I'm excited to be here. Carry Saunders: (Carry can be seen leaning back a bit, checking Linn out with a critically cocked eyebrow, but nods). Linn Rosenberg: (Linn wears a pleasant, easy going smile in the face of skepticism.) Carry Saunders: Having heard of is a good markword- what's your first agendas to pursue to make sure people do hear of you in town? Carry Saunders: Or can we expect with your experience in politics you'll not try to run heads-into-walls right away...? Linn Rosenberg: The first goal I have involves the mental health of this city. Improving on that, prevents more deaths from occurring. Therapy has long been considered a luxury of the rich, when those in poverty are further at risk. Carry Saunders: (Carry grins sly, her hand with the pen close to her head, and nods along as Linn speaks) Linn Rosenberg: Of course, I'll need the viewpoints and opinions of those helping and those to be helped. I plan on meeting with both Pillbox and Hope Health in the future. This is an open invitation. Linn Rosenberg: Other than that, I hope to bring balance to a Senate that has been missing a Democrat for far too long. Carry Saunders: Good luck on that. Carry Saunders: And indeed, good you mention it- I was going to ask about this. Carry Saunders: Are there any more movements in the senate to expect soon? Carry Saunders: You said you yourself was not aware that the other candidate- Joseph Hall- was appointed already tuesday? Linn Rosenberg: I'm sure there will be- there are plenty of ideas being passed around. As for not being aware... yes, I did not know. But I met him yesterday. Carry Saunders: (An image of Joseph Hall, in attendance yesterday at the senate chamber, is displayed next to the duo) Linn Rosenberg: It was great to meet him, and I'm excited to see what he intends to do with his time. Carry Saunders: Now as we noticed the other day again, the democratic party suffers from its traditional problem of a lack of party discipline. How do you intend to bring in acts if the party on its own can not vote in line? Linn Rosenberg: Ah. It could be rather frustrating if something I work on doesn't get enough votes from my own party, but that's the thing about the Democrats. There's no two Democrat with the exact same belief system. Thus, it's not as simple as, Linn Rosenberg: "Democrats vote for their own acts". I respect my party's choices. All I can hope is that they respect mine. Carry Saunders: (Carry glances doubtful, seemingly not convinced) Linn Rosenberg: (Linn's cheerful smile has shifted to a more serious look at the topic.) Carry Saunders: I mean correct me if wrong, senator, but isn't this mostly a matter if internal communication? I get that things work different here in the corporate world than in politics, but- Carry Saunders: (Carry interrupts herself as Linn speaks, picks up her pen again and eyes her.) Carry Saunders: (Carry pouts slightly as Linn seems not eager to pick up that, and continues) Carry Saunders: But I mean, it's making the impression there's no real communication upfront , or strategizing. Linn Rosenberg: And I agree that must be improved upon. I will not say we are faultless. I intend to get feedback from each of my fellow Democrats before proposing anything. Carry Saunders: (Carry nods, seemingly satisfied with this answer). Carry Saunders: Sounds like a plan, I wish you best luck with it. We're close to the end of tonight's show- just two more quick questions: Carry Saunders: First impressions of the senate yesterday? Carry Saunders: As the one seating the chamber floor. Carry Saunders: (Carry smiles, this time friendly and open, clearly curious for her chat partner's opinion here) Linn Rosenberg: (Linn's smile returns with a nod, momentarily thinking it through before answering.) It is definitely not what I expected, to be completely transparent with you, Carry. Carry Saunders: (carry comments this transparency with an approving nod, not too eager, just slight, lets Linn speak) Linn Rosenberg: In my time in the city council, I've never seen a calm environment turn hostile quite so quickly. I do believe that the Senate has a lot to improve upon, from the inside. We are here to improve the lives of the people of San Andreas. Linn Rosenberg: We are not here to interpret questions as attacks, and come to verbal blows. I strongly urge my fellow Senators to remember this. But, I'm new in town. Perhaps this is just how the Senate operates. But, it shouldn't be. Linn Rosenberg: (Her smile faded as she spoke, eyes on the camera.) Carry Saunders: (Carry's phone buzzes softly on the desk, she eyes it briefly, but does not pick it.) Carry Saunders: (Carry forces her brightest botox smile) Carry Saunders: In their defense, yesterday's argument was particularly heated and as mentioned before on the news I /do/ suspect it might also have to do still with the recent disagreements over the handling of the marriage act- anyway! Carry Saunders: Last question for tonight! Remove speed limits on designated freeway zones, or the so called "German model"- Yay or nay? Carry Saunders: (A big mighty Benefecator is displayed in the back behind the duo, and a crossed out speed limit sign. Also a tiny disclaimer: This broadcast is supported by product placement) Linn Rosenberg: Nay. They are there for a reason. An increase, perhaps, but removing entirely, no. Carry Saunders: (Carry pouts slightly, but does not show off more, nods instead). Carry Saunders: (The animated Benefactor complains instead, looking very sad before shattering in parts and dropping under the studio desk) Carry Saunders: And with this we're at the end of the thursday night politics special. Senator Rosenberg, I thank you for coming- Linn Rosenberg: (She shields a chuckle behind her fist at the animation before dropping it with a grin.) Linn Rosenberg: I thank you for giving me this chance. Carry Saunders: (it looks suspiciously like the car industry might be funding it) Carry Saunders: (Carry raises from her chair, offering Linn a lose embrace and a handshake, and an air-kiss on the cheekc) Carry Saunders: Thank you so much. I wish you a lovely evening! Linn Rosenberg: (She happily accepts her affection, then waving to the camera.) Carry Saunders: Senator Linn Rosenberg, ladies and gentlemen. And you at home and at your phones I wish a good night as well- this was Carry Saunders from the LSNN studios in Del Perro with the thursday night politics special. Carry Saunders: Thank you for watching, and enjoy your evening. Carry Saunders: (The dramatic politics jingle sounds up, someone clearly heard too much Wagner, the camera zooms out, commercials play) > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  2. Sports Desk: Reflections on recent KOTR event and KOTR parody article? BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - On the 28th November 2021, LSNN's Garbon Meqvabishvili was joined on the sports desk by Ashton Winters and Nathaniel St-Arnaud as they spoke about numerous subjects relating to the combat sports scene in Los Santos, including: reflections on the recent KOTR event and a parody article about it. Garbon Meqvabishvili (left), Asshton Winters Mann (center) and Nathaniel St-Arnaud (right) Garbon Meqvabishvili: ** LSNN sports studio intro starts playing, after that it reveals the studio with Garbon Meqvabishvili, Ashton Winters and Nathaniel St. Arnaud sitting with Los Santos panorama view behind them ** Garbon Meqvabishvili: Good evening, it's Garbon Meqvabishvili once again coming right at you and to keep me company tonight I got Ashton Winters and Nathaniel St. Arnaud. Welcome to the studio. How are you? Still hyped after yesterday's event? Ashton Winters: Yeah, I still feel butterflies honestly. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel is seen spotting a gray blazer with a black turtleneck. He looks over at Garbon and nods once before speaking.* Well ehhh— I am hyped that I ehh— ya know, won the fight.. I just want to say thank you to my ehhh— Nathaniel St-Arnaud: To my coach.. /AKIO/ and my ehh— teammate /AKHMED/ who were there for me.. without them I don't think that I would ahh— manage this far, men! Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel then provides a short smile.* Garbon Meqvabishvili: *Nods a few times listening* For those who just tuned in and haven't been up with the latest King of the Ring Semi Finals, let me update you on the topic. So main event fight Eliseo Salvatore versus Kir Sergeev almost got cancelled due to - Garbon Meqvabishvili: Kir Sergeev's infection and last minute Nathaniel St. Arnaud stepped up and actually managed to win a spot in KOTR finals and a possibility to win one hundred and fifty thousand grand prize. Garbon Meqvabishvili: *looks to NSA* What was your reaction when you got offered the spot in the semi finals, man? Garbon Meqvabishvili: It sure was short notice. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel is seen nodding at Garbon with a smile on his face.* You were there man— eheheh, you know that I don't back odwn from a ehh— challenge! I was already preparing for da ehh— /title-shot/ in the ehhh— /IFC/! So.. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: I was already /pre-pa-red/! Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah. And what is interesting that there was no bout that ended by decision. All fights was either a knockout or a submission yeah? Garbon Meqvabishvili: The longest bout was what? Three rounds? Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel is seen nodding along to Garbon.* Garbon Meqvabishvili: Ashton you were there spectating right? How it all looked from the side? Ashton Winters: *She chuckled and started talking.* Dude like, I was sitting behind the judges yelling and stuff, I almost lost my voice too. I was super hype. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Right. Any highlights from the event? Garbon Meqvabishvili: *fiddles his pen between fingers while talking to both guests* Ashton Winters: I was impressed by most of the fighters honestly. Especially Eliseo, Zurab and Akane. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel nods to Garbon as he then sniffles once. He then begins to talk his part.* Well ehh— Garbon! I just wanted to ehh— let you know that I was surprised when I knocked down my ehh.. /opp-oh-nent/ ya know? And then.. I kicked.. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Aha? Nathaniel St-Arnaud: /eem/ in the /head/ ya know? People were saying that it was not ehh.. allowed, but.. people don't really follow King of The Ring and say that ehh— it was a rule break! They ehh.. don't know that these rules fit me— more as a /fighter/ Nathaniel St-Arnaud: than anything! *Nathaniel is seen gesturing with his hands as he talks.* Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah man. I don't know. But you know. Spectators and fans can get confused that's no problem. But when actual fighters start to complain. I mean c'mon. Garbon Meqvabishvili: You signed up for the tournament, you read the guidelines. You know what you sign up for Nathaniel St-Arnaud: The ahh— rules are dangerous! They ahh— make people think twice before going for the ahh— /takedown/ ya know? You never know if you are ahh— gonna get kicked in the ehh.. /head/ when you shoot! Garbon Meqvabishvili: Exactly. That's just show that we are at this age where fighters complain more than actually put in hard work. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: He ehh— fell down when I hit him in the ehh— /body/ with my /knee/ ya know.. I saw him still defending and I just— ya know.. it made sense for me to kick /him/ in the /head/. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Of course. You had to do what you had to do. You can't play MMA like playing football or basketball. You come to the ring getting ready knowing you will get hit. Ashton Winters: Football players take hits every day though. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Actually since we are still on the topic. Ashton will you be fighting in the next event? Nathaniel St-Arnaud: Not in the ehhh— /head/.. like here. Ashton Winters: If I can, yeah. I haven't had a fight in a WHILE. Ashton Winters: It's been ages so yeah, If I can go in and kick some ass I'll do it. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Excited to get back in? That's actually different - WAIT. You started your carreer fighting in the ring, so you are pretty much going back to your root? Ashton Winters: Hmmm, Yeah pretty much. It's not a big difference though, a fight is still a fight, you know what I mean? Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel is seen adjusting the collar of his blazer as he listens to the duo.* Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah. Next week to be more clear, on thursday there is going to be second semi finals of KOTR. Adam Black versus Hunter White. Any predictions? Ashton Winters: That's a tough one... It's hard to predict but I think Adam could win in the second round? I'm trash at making those types of predictions though. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: I can't ehh— say anything about the fight but ehh— I know that I fight the winner of that match-up! So.. heheh.. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Hopefully none of them gets injured before the fight, since it is getting pretty popular to get injured last minute *snickers* Ashton Winters: We're just gonna have to see it! Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel is seen laughing a bit awkwardly, his pearly white teeth are seen.* Garbon Meqvabishvili: Excited to see a lot of IFC guys now hopping onto KOTR? From octagon to ring fighting and more lethal rules? Ashton Winters: I got a question for NST after I answer yours but uhh.. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: I don't know bout you ehh— but, these rules and the ahh— /squared-circle/ is what fits me more, man! I mean— if the /IFC/ comes back— I don't mind coming back, ya know! Garbon Meqvabishvili: ** Screen starts showing picture moment from KOTR 1st semi final while guests are talking ** Ashton Winters: It's cool to see more people hop onto KOTR, It's always good to have more people and I feel like a lot of spectators like the rules more when they're a bit crazier. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: I am ehhh— gonna /honest/ with ya Garbon! If me and you fought with the same rules.. like in King of The Ring? I would ahh— be afraid to fight you man! Our fight was a /war/! Garbon Meqvabishvili: Not gonna lie our rematch would be an event of the year material Garbon Meqvabishvili: Pay-per-views would go through the roof! Ashton Winters: Aye but, NST, who would you have more trouble with in a fight? Adam or Hunter? Because we saw you struggling agains Eli. Garbon Meqvabishvili: But it is what it is now/ *snickers* Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel is then seen slightly leaning forward as he then begins to speak.* Well ehh— I can't say much about that! I am gonna be honest with you, ehh.. Ashton! I didn't do my ehh— /homework/ on either of them so I can't say much! Nathaniel St-Arnaud: But ehhh— Garbon? Our fight? I wouldn't want to fight you man but ehh— maybe when the time is right! /Exhibition/ fight? Why not. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: Eheheheh.. *Nathaniel is then seen laughing awkardly yet again.* Garbon Meqvabishvili: *winks to Nathaniel* Anyway. You saw that funny article about kotr? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Pokemon parody? Ashton Winters: I didn't see that, I love Pokemon. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: A ehh— /parodeee/? Man... I was confused a little! But I read it throughly.. ya know, it's weird.. but it kinda fits! Eheheh. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Shows that KOTR fans do have sense of humour in my opinion Garbon Meqvabishvili: So there are rumours going aswell that the giants are joining KOTR aswell. Well not rumours that's facts but rumours say that they will fight in the next event. Garbon Meqvabishvili: I'm talking about Rafford and Jackson Hayes. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel is seen nodding along.* Garbon Meqvabishvili: We don't know who are going to be their opponents YET. But watching their fight is a sight to see. Ashton Winters: Jackie's probably gonna beat whoever, honestly. Dude is unstoppable. Garbon Meqvabishvili: (pictures of IFC championship bouts from Rafford Mann and Jackson Hayes starts rolling while talking about the topic) Garbon Meqvabishvili: Since we are on topic, maybe you got anyone in mind who you would like to call out to the fight Ashton? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Maybe fight against Sakura to settled it down once and for all? There is some drama regarding your matches with her. Garbon Meqvabishvili: (B-roll shows Ashton's and Sakura's fights where they both won against each other and third fight ended up as a draw) Garbon Meqvabishvili: Since it is still a draw between you guys. I think a lot of fans would want to see it being settled once and for all? Ashton Winters: I fought Sakura atleast 55 times now, I kinda want to fight new opponents now so I won't call out Sakura even though she can get the hands if she wants to. Garbon Meqvabishvili: You seem to get along with everyone in the fighting scene, you don't got bad blood with anyone? No possible victims? *snickers* Ashton Winters: I am nice to everyone because I know none of them are better than me, honestly. *chuckles* Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel is seen nodding along and then snickering.* Ashton Winters: The only one who I really want to face is Anna, she's /alright./ Garbon Meqvabishvili: Oooooh! So it's like that? What about Catherine Tukhachevskaya? Or Anna- yeah. Ashton Winters: Catherine doesn't really fight anymore but the top three is easily Me, Anna and Cath. The rest isn't really worth my time anymore. Ashton Winters: *She smirked at the camera* But I'll fight anyone to prove that, obviously. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah. Understandable. So all the fighters out there? Ashton is waiting for you, sign the dotted line. Garbon Meqvabishvili: So yeah we pretty much discussed everything, yesterdays event all the hype and we are waiting onto the next on? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Thursday, 9pm fantasia event hall like always, King of the Ring second semi finals - Adam Black versus Hunter White for a place in finals. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Any last comments before we sign off? Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel is then seen leaning forwards and rubbing his knuckles.* Ehh.. I can't say much now.. I will speak at the event, ya know. Ashton Winters: Uh, hopefully I get to fight in the next event! Garbon Meqvabishvili: Alright, hopefully. Thank you Ashton and thank you Nathaniel for keeping me company tonight. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: Oh.. before that! Maybe my ehh— my /coach/ will have his King of The Ring debut. Nathaniel St-Arnaud: So.. if anyone is interested in ehh— fighting /eeem/.. just sign up! Ashton Winters: Thank you too, beardman. Garbon Meqvabishvili: *nods a few times* There you go. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Alright! So thank you everyoen for tuning in tonight. This was Garbon Meqvabishvili and my guests. Ashton Winters and Nathaniel St.Arnaud. Garbon Meqvabishvili: I'm saying goodnight for now! Nathaniel St-Arnaud: Thank you for this invitation! Garbon Meqvabishvili: *nods to the guests with a smile and then to the camera* Ashton Winters: *Ashton cheerfully waved at the camera and smiled.* Ashton Winters: Bye bye everyone! Nathaniel St-Arnaud: *Nathaniel waved slightly at the camera.* > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  3. Sports Desk: IFC 9 speculation, Mountain MMA King of the Ring semi-finals and Bellicose rumors? BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - On 24th November 2021, LSNN's Garbon Meqvabishvili was joined on the sports desk by Rafford Mann and Jackson Hayes as they spoke about numerous subjects relating to the combat sports scene in Los Santos, including: reflections on IFC 8, IFC 9 speculation, rumors of another Bellicose event and the Mountain MMA KOTR event coming this Friday. Garbon Meqvabishvili (left), Rafford Mann (center) and Jackson Hayes (right) Garbon Meqvabishvili: Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is Garbon Meqvabishvili tonight to present you the hottest sports topics. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Of course not alone. To keep me company we have IFC heavyweight champion Rafford Mann and IFC middleweight champion Jackson Hayes. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Good evening, gentlemen. How are you this evening? Rafford Mann: Doing fine today Garbon. Jackson Hayes: Jus' grand Garb, good ta' be 'ere. Garbon Meqvabishvili: So let's start with first topic I want to discuss with ya'll tonight Garbon Meqvabishvili: IFC 9 happened last weekend. And like always there was some controversy. You heard about it? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Sorry IFC 8. Rafford Mann: Not really Garbon , though I did see some of the fights. Jackson Hayes: Naw, naw... I'm oblivious ta' th'topic, jus' like Raffy. Wha' happened? Garbon Meqvabishvili: So first fight of the night was Naoko Mitsukuri versus Monroe Weaver. Garbon Meqvabishvili: And both great atheles making their debut that night. Fight ended in split decision. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Because at the bell of second round Naoko managed kinda wobble uh - *checks his notes* Monroe. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Monroe went down and ref gave a warning to Naoko. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Apparently that cost a win to Naoko and people weren't happy Rafford Mann: Oh yes! That fight! The decision in my opinion was a wrong one. Naoko won that match in my eyes. Garbon Meqvabishvili: What are your opinion on this? - Yeah Right. Rafford. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Most people are saying that Naoko clearly won that fight and it was dead beat on the bell. Jackson Hayes: Haven't seen th'fight, haven't heard av'... wha' was it? Weaver? Naoko on th'other hand, her I know. Good fighter, fierce punch hidin' in that arms. Jackson Hayes: So, decision was given ta' Weaver then, aye? Garbon Meqvabishvili: There are rumours now that Weaver versus Mitsukuri 2 might happen in IFC 9. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Well deserved I think, who you guys think would win if that fight really happens? Rafford Mann: Naoko no question about it. She has the extra motivation of revenge on her side now. Plus she was already outclassing Weaver. Jackson Hayes: Me money's on Naoko. She growin' up as a fighter as I trace back spars she was havin' with me, she soon gonna match our best fighters in th'division. Garbon Meqvabishvili: We will see. I think Naoko aswell but you never know what can happen, upsets do happen. One happened same card aswell. Garbon Meqvabishvili: I'm talking about Akhmed versus Noah Jenkins? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Noah Jenkins had knocked out The bear one time already and in their second fight he took revenge in the first round Garbon Meqvabishvili: To be honest as we are talking about IFC. Jackson there are rumours that you might be fighting in IFC 9? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Possibly against NST? Jackson Hayes: That's right, IFC promised me a fight an' I'm more than sure that durin' IFC 9 y'all will see me on fightin'. Garbon Meqvabishvili: That is your first tittle defense right, Jackson? Rafford Mann: Jackie vs NST. It's gonna' be a tough fight for sure. Jackson Hayes: That's right, kinda confusin'. I was sure I'll defend me tittle against Fang or Leonid first. Maybe even get a match with Bronto again. Jackson Hayes: Meantime? 'Ere we are, bottom av' th'rank managed ta' get ta' th'top an' throw me a glove. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah you know how it works with those rankings if a guy steps up why not Garbon Meqvabishvili: Seems like the top guys were scared of fighting you probably and there was a dude who stepped up. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Looking forward for this one to be honest. Rafford Mann: I don't think you should discount ol' Nathaniel that much. From what I have seen his fundamentals are pretty solid. Jackson Hayes: Yeah, no match fer Irishman anyway. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Oh trust me. I shared octagon with him for full five rounds. Guy is a machine. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Plus he is a great guy, one of most respectful fighters I met probably. Jackson Hayes: But Nathaniel IS interestin' topic. Ya heard 'bout th'controversy after Nathaniel versus Leonid, right? Jackson Hayes: That was Nathaniel debut as far as I know. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Remind me real quick? Jackson Hayes: Suspicion av'... illegal substances abuse before a fight. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Hm. Well yeah everyone gets those allegations to be honest. Do you remember when I needed to do the test after one of my fights? I waited for like thirty minutes and nobody showed up to test me Garbon Meqvabishvili: That's the thing with those testings they are all over the place. Garbon Meqvabishvili: You can never know. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Well I HOPE NST doesn't take any PEDs, he seems way of a nice guy doing so. Rafford Mann: Testing is a must that both promotions are clearly lacking in. Jackson Hayes: Well, I count on clean fight. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah. Actually. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Sara Kenson versus Ashton Winters? Garbon Meqvabishvili: That's a big one. Garbon Meqvabishvili: When are we going to see a female champion crowned already IFC? *looks straight at the camera* Jackson Hayes: Ashton's my bet. I trained her, she's gettin' better all th'time. There are days when I can't get trough her defense. Rafford Mann: I think Ash has that one in the bag. From personal experience of spars with her and Sara, Ash edges out quite a bit in speed and power. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Right, right. Let's talk about King of the Ring for a bit. Garbon Meqvabishvili: This friday, first semi-finals. Jackson Hayes: Remind me, who we gonna see on stage? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Who do you think will win Eliseo Salvatore or Kir Sergeev? Rafford Mann: Eliseo. He was doing well in spars and plus has that amazing footwork to boot. Garbon Meqvabishvili: That's the thing Raffy you can never know. Kir did an upset against Damien Sin. Jackson Hayes: Both good fighters with unique style. I's gonna be a tough one, hell av' a show ta' see. Eli' likes ta' play it close, focuses on th'clinches. Kir controls th'ring, fights aggressively from th'distance. Garbon Meqvabishvili: I think it can go both ways unless but if Kir doesn't step it up with footwork, Eliseo has it. Rafford Mann: Let's see. You never know in KOTR. Jackson Hayes: Always surprisin' that one. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah plus the pressure of possibly going to finals to compete for one hundred fifty thousand dollars. Garbon Meqvabishvili: That's probably biggest salary that anyone got here in LS, no? Rafford Mann: It is for sure. Jackson Hayes: *cackles a little* Oh, definitely. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Plus we will see some new faces doing their debuts Jackson Hayes: Who we got? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Zurab *snickers* Garbon Meqvabishvili: Aaah. Alex Hale.. Valentina Rodriguez.. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Jam Winchester? Wait did he compete last time, no? Rafford Mann: Well , little Zura needs all the luck he can get for this line up. I Garbon Meqvabishvili: Terry will actually be competing in prelims. King of the Ring veteran. Rafford Mann: It's interesting to see veterans in KOTR. Jackson Hayes: Not so new, weren't they fightin' in th'last KOTR? Jackson Hayes: Hale an' Winchester? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Oh right! I completely forgot. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah then they have their feet warm. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Well for this we will find out this friday, november 26th. 9pm at Fantasia Event Hall. Jackson Hayes: Both weren't quite lucky with their last fights, aye? Garbon Meqvabishvili: I don't remember to be honest *chuckles* Jackson Hayes: Well, I do... was a referee, remember that at least? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah yeah. Talking about referee. Garbon Meqvabishvili: This event's ref will be Paul Levine. And judges Christian Venturi, Anna Smith and one new face that will make a debut as a judge. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Actually. Jackson Hayes: All fighters with history, I like that. Rafford Mann: Sounds like quite the roster of Judges. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Wanna talk about long lost forgotten brother of mma promotions maybe? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Belli? Rafford Mann: Ah yes. Garbon Meqvabishvili: I was at the last event, not gonna lie it was amazing. Garbon Meqvabishvili: And the main event with Isaac? *does the chef's kiss* Rafford Mann: It was. I was in Isaac corner. Rafford Mann: He fought like a beast. Jackson Hayes: It was a show, aye. Can't deny fighters are somethin' unique in there. We talkin' Dragon, aye? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah Dragon, Jacky. Rafford Mann: Yep. Jackson Hayes: Amazin' footwork, speed an' power. Nimble dude. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Not gonna lie. He almost got knocked out by showboating. Garbon Meqvabishvili: He could have won that fair and square but all that unecessary showboating. Garbon Meqvabishvili: That's a trend now with those young twenty year old fighters I noticed. Jackson Hayes: Showman attitude? Well, glory comin' from victory ain't enough fer 'em anymore. Jackson Hayes: Gotta make it big, weird mindset, but hey... that's th'scene now. Rafford Mann: I guess that comes with the youth. Discipline takes time to be drilled into them. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Hopefully we will see more events from Belli. Rafford Mann: I hear rumors about one on the 5th. Garbon Meqvabishvili: By the way. You ever think about their rule sent? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Like c'mon it's 2021. This is not 90s anymore. Protect your fighters Garbon Meqvabishvili: Standing back up from those knockdowns and continuing. Rafford Mann: I for one like the rule set. It allows for more amazing comebacks. Jackson Hayes: People still want ta' see blood, we ain't gettin' called /modern gladiators/ fer nothin'. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Nah. Nah. I disagree. Garbon Meqvabishvili: On this one I don't agree one bit with you guys Rafford Mann: Nothing beats the show of a down on his luck fighter edging out a 3-2 round victory. Jackson Hayes: Emotions an' blood. Keep ya on th'edge. Jackson Hayes: Show must go on! Garbon Meqvabishvili: You know how many fighters are now alive from Pride days fighting in Japan? Where there was two 15 minute rounds and third round was 5 minutes? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Most of them died before they got to fourty years old Jackson Hayes: We all know th'risk Garb, we signed up fer it. Rafford Mann: Isn't that a choice fighters make when they sign up for Bellicose? I think most folks understand the consequences. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Atleast they get paid good in Belli? Jackson Hayes: There we go. *points to Rafford with his hand* Garbon Meqvabishvili: Who do you think pays best now? Garbon Meqvabishvili: I'd say KOTR to be honest. Rafford Mann: That's for sure. Though not KOTR level, Bellicose pays better than the IFC. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah I say KOTR first, then Belli and then IFC. Garbon Meqvabishvili: But there again. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Belli barely does events. KOTR makes mega-events and IFC does events every week Rafford Mann: All peas in a very malformed pod. Jackson Hayes: IFC does events every week, but... ya said so yerself. We ain't always ready ta' fight it. Health's important. Jackson Hayes: So that puts it low on payment delivery list. Garbon Meqvabishvili: AH so NOW health is important for you? *starts laughing* Jackson Hayes: Hey, gotta balance it out. *cackles as well* Garbon Meqvabishvili: You are hypocrite! You heard it here first *looks at the camera* Jackson Hayes officially hypocrite. Rafford Mann: Accumulated damage can alleviate over time but not if you keep getting damaged. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Next topic! Jackson Hayes: I never denied that! Garbon Meqvabishvili: Alright next! Garbon Meqvabishvili: *checks his notes while chuckling with the boys* Garbon Meqvabishvili: What do you think about the weight divisions now in IFC? Garbon Meqvabishvili: There was changes like every other day or week? Garbon Meqvabishvili: One division added, then deleted. Rafford Mann: They need to make up their minds already. Jackson Hayes: Fighters come an' go, that's th'problem. But addin' TWO divisions when ya only needed one? Jackson Hayes: That was stupid man. Cleared out in th'end, which is good. Welterweight division's in prime now, debut fight we had this IFC. Rafford Mann: It only damages the fighters who need to cut and bulk at the randomness of the IFC. Garbon Meqvabishvili: But we don't see that much news faces now anymore? What do you guys think happened? Jackson Hayes: Well, IF ya're greedy fer more than one belt. I feel quite comfy in middleweight. Garbon Meqvabishvili: The gen-z is lacking that warrior mentality maybe? Garbon Meqvabishvili: *chuckles* I'm jooooking! It's a jooke. Jackson Hayes: Ya know, harsh, but kinda true. Rafford Mann: The promotions are not keeping up with the fighters. The people lack the fire to become fighters. Rafford Mann: Those that want to be fighters get turned off by the hectic nature and sluggishness of IFC and Bellicose. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Now that's a sentence I couldn't agree more. Jackson Hayes: Oh yeah. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Now those promotions exist just to exist probably. Jackson Hayes: People wants ta' have some consistency in their career, so hard ta' keep it up when both leagues are inclusive. Jackson Hayes: Sign up fer one, no more career options in 'nother. Rafford Mann: It became about making money on events instead of facilitating the fighters. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeah I think it's the money issues Jackson Hayes: All th'same, ya need ta' pay yer fighters fer a show, aye? Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yeaah. Yeah. Couldn't agree more. Garbon Meqvabishvili: So yeah, we kinda talked through all the topics. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Any last comments you got? Jackson Hayes: Y'all should watch next IFC, i's gonna be a show. I promise ya that. Garbon Meqvabishvili: *plays with his pen while sitting comfortably in his chair, looking to Rafford and Jackson* Rafford Mann: KOTR this friday folks! Garbon Meqvabishvili: Yep. Yep. King of the Ring semi finals this friday. Don't miss it to be honest. And so yeah. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Thanks for coming guys really appreciatte keeping me company tonight Jackson Hayes: Holler when ya need us Garb. Rafford Mann: Thanks for bringing us on Garb. Garbon Meqvabishvili: Always guys. Always. Alright. So thank you for tuning in LSNN sports studio tonight. And we will see you next time. Garbon Meqvabishvili: *winks to the camera* > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  4. IFC 8: Nathaniel St-Arnaud and Paul Levine both chalk up wins at Sunday’s event BY LSNN Los Santos, SA - While Sunday night’s IFC 8 saw numerous fresh faces take their first steps into the octagon at the IFC arena in Alta, it was IFC veteran Nathaniel St-Arnaud who took the limelight as he beat out the Russian Georgiy Vorobev in the Middleweight main event. Paul Levine vs Magomed Fedeverov, before the bell rang Alternative angle Fans gathered at the arena to watch the four fight card of: St-Arnaud vs Vorobev, Magomedov vs Jenkins, Levine vs Federov and Mitsukuri vs Weaver. Overall, it wasn’t the best night for those on the IFC roster from Russia. St-Arnaud went into the event the marginal favorite and after tonight’s win finds himself sitting on a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. Vorobev finds himself facing a current record of 1 win, 3 losses as he ploughs on through a tough year. Weaver vs Mitsukuri, Weaver downed Texan Paul Levine, from hailing from the humble town of Bellmead, found himself also chalking up another win to set his record to 2 win and 2 losses. He beat out debutant Magomed Fedeverov who hails from Dagestan in the event’s other Men’s middleweight fight. It was a quick fight for those in the audience, with it ending in a first round TKO. “Well. At the beginning of my fighting career one person asked me that same question. It hasn't really changed much… I feel dangerous..” - Paul Levine Such a quickend was quite the case in the Women’s flyweight event, as Munroe “Criss-Cross” Weaver beat out by Naoko Mitsukuri by decision after a full fight of three rounds. The judges returned a final score of 29-26 in Weaver’s favour. Weaver gains momentum Spectators and fighter coaches at the event In Magomedov vs Noah Jenkins, Jenkins saw his 3-2 record turn to 3-3 as he swallowed a loss. Akhmed Magomedov claimed his second IFC victory in the fight, giving him a record of 2 wins to 1 loss. Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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