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  1. Looking to purchase anything in Paleto Bay, budget around 400k.
  2. "Nothing is holding me back anymore, I know what I want and I'm gonna go get it." [GENERAL INFORMATION]: Full name: Mara Lotte Meijer Nickname: "M" Gender: Female Place of Birth: Bijlmer, the Netherlands Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1998 [APPEARANCE]: HEIGHT: 170cm WEIGHT: 56kg HAIR COLOR: Blonde EYE COLOR: Ocean Blue [PERSONALITY]: STRENGTHS: Flirtatious, persuasive, joyful, talkative, charming WEAKENESSES: Self-centered, Narcissistic, Greedy [OCCUPATION]: Bartender, barista [EX-OCCUPATION]: N/A [BACKSTORY]: Born to Annemie and Florian Meijer as an only child, being neglected by her own parents as they abandoned her for work, she grew up with a nanny by her side. Although not having a decent childhood growing up, Mara aced all of her classes in school then moved onto university. Having a very good education at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where she studied business. Graduating two semesters earlier, uncertain of what path to take after university, Mara took the decision to move to the states. Originating from the monotonous country of the Netherlands, she lands herself to the notorious city of Los Santos, expecting a different life then she had before. From bartendering to barista, to business woman, she's been on the go ever since she moved here.
  3. This thread will follow the lives of Mara Meijer and Lauren Hastings on their path to success. "You are no one until you are talked about." - M&L @virgo
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