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  1. hahcs


    L&A this please
  2. hahcs


    My discord was hacked a while back. They didn't send link out but they were on my account. I got my account back and when I attempted to log into my world account I was hit with a error. I Dmed the web support months ago and they said they would be looking into the situation but they got back to me about the situation and I got a DM back.
  3. hahcs


    No, I'm the one that reported my account being stolen. They said they would look into it for me.
  4. hahcs


    So about a couple months ago, My discord account go hacked. I Dmed multiple people from staff so this situation could get figured out. It's been a couple months and no one has got back to me. I just want my account back!
  5. hahcs


    I have a account but it says email doesn't exist when I try to login or attempt to reset my password can I get some help please?
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