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  1. “boohoo the gangs do gang activity that doesn’t involve me but I’m gonna insert myself into it anyway because this is a real problem” my unpopular take: crying about the gang problem OOC doesn’t solve anything IC and then going to those neighborhoods looking for some sort of “interesting” role-play other than getting robbed and possibly killed because you’re not from the area is dumb for both you and your character. and if you’re an illegal faction and you try to hoe another one crying about it OOC is lame when you got exactly what you expected. don’t expect to stride if you can’t step.
  2. yea reward good IC character traits with OOC rewards. sick wit it.
  3. but the server is based on la 🤷‍♂️
  4. won't talkin to you, was talkin to OP but okay. 🙄
  5. there's countless people in real life that are scared to leave their own home unless it's work or chore related. if you don't like it move to a better area being that one is so bad, it's an IC issue.
  6. if i did what you said this would be metagaming so no
  7. this. there are loopholes to everything the ATF governs plus state mandates. that's why gun stores sell california and new york legal semi automatic rifles for purchase. although the state does ban certain weapons, it can be seen as an infringement of federal rights and the supreme court can strike it down see: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/06/05/california-assault-weapons-ban-overturned/ all it really takes is for a team of legal experts to challenge it. but at the end of a day, its a game and you have to have a certain restriction which I understand, with the ATFs new online forms I can manufacture me own suppressor from a catch can for two hundred bucks. obviously, you can't do that on this server for oblivious reasons.
  8. not like it’s a thing that happens all the time in Echo Park in California lol
  9. I didn’t realize police use M4 carbines rather than the standard AR-15 civilian model.
  10. If you’re gonna portray America at least do it right lol
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