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  1. I've literally uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics card at this point. I didn't have any graphics mods installed while trouble shooting because I'd re-download and install Rage and the game every time. I just don't see this being fixed.
  2. Unfortunately I still am unable to play. I spent quite a bit of irl money the literal day before this happened, submitted a report request in game as well as posted here and I had absolutely no support from staff. The only thing I could do was map because I didn't need to use my phone and that got tiring fast because I couldn't make money. That being said I am gonna say bye to the server. Enjoy my donation.
  3. I tried these now with no luck on a fresh install of both gta and rage. I'm just gonna wait and see if my desperate cries into the night convince whatever witch cursed me to have mercy.
  4. So I tried every driver version available and no luck, so I just updated to the latest ones, reinstalled my graphics mods, and I'm just gonna be that weirdo without a phone for a while. Pls help 😧
  5. So that... kinda worked? I'm gonna try one more rollback but as you can see it's done something. It's definitely client-side.
  6. https://rage.mp/forums/topic/10778-interface-error-things-are-duplicated/ So I found this thread that says it could be an issue with AMD graphics card drivers. Because mine are up to date I may have to roll back one update or something and hope that that works while also not breaking the game to where it doesn't launch anymore. Wish me luck, I will report back comrades.
  7. Swapped to a standard resolution monitor and that didn't change anything either, so it's not my ultra-wide that's causing it.
  8. Update and bump: I purged every single file that touched GTA or RAGE from my PC and redownloaded them overnight. I am still having this UI issue and since I can't use my phone the game is basically unplayable.
  9. While mapping my house I started to notice that my ui wasn't quite disappearing when I needed it to. I haven't changed any of my game files or updated anything, all my drivers are up to date, and I can't seem to fix it. It was annoying but bearable until recently when I discovered I cant use my phone, the UI doesn't go away so the screen of the phone doesn't change at all but clicking reacts like it has.
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