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  1. I could've sworn this was the rumor going about with GTA 5 way back. Everyone said stuff like "SAMP" would never be possible on GTA 5, and then poof... Here we are.
  2. so this is where the daily entrance post /f statement comes from?
  3. I agree with your opinion, but I also believe that it could potentially aid roleplay. Of course it would be avoided by people in the same manner people avoid fueling their vehicles incorrectly in the real world; however, improper fuel selection still does and can happen in reality.
  4. Short description: Enable fuel type selection (petrol/diesel) Detailed description: The command would add the ability to select between petrol/diesel at the fuel pump when /fuel'ing. Commands to add: N/A - Addon to /fuel Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server?: With the new update and all, I feel fuel type selection (at gas pumps) would be beneficial along the current additions. This, for example would introduce the ability for people to select the incorrect fuel type, resulting in a disabled engine which would have to be cleaned out (i.e a fuel system flush) by a mechanic in order to be driven, as would occur in the real world when someone puts the incorrect type of fuel into their vehicle. This would also increase mechanic roleplay aside from simply upgrading vehicles due to the fact that, with the disabled engine at a fuel pump, an individual would have to get their vehicle towed to a shop in order to be fixed, allowing for new avenues of roleplay in the "mechanic world" Additional information: N/A
  5. government run public transportation & public works (it exists but there's definitely not enough)
  6. Jabari

    ngrp players

    ngrp was something else purely because of the amount of chaos and players it had i bought car under bridge in unity and did pizza boy job in sf for like 5 hours total 100 years ago do i qualify as a true next generation gamer ?
  7. I'm afraid I can't 😞 I'm not the one who placed it on the vehicle, but I believe you should be able to take it off upon purchase.
  8. I am selling a professionally modified Obey Tailgater S with all of the newest performance additions, alongside a top-of-the-line anti-theft device! All offers above $105,000 will be taken into consideration Buyout: $132,500 ((OOC Vehicle Stats)):
  9. /me nods /me nods /me nods This whole server (myself included) roleplays nodding in response to every line in any situation, and I think it's quite funny to imagine this happening in the real world... GTA World is bobblehead with tourette's land.
  10. ^ what this guy said There is a driver shortage all over the world leaving it to businesses (trucking companies) to compete for drivers, and (industrial companies) to compete for trucking companies to move their loads. This competition is done with pricing/pay, and I believe this works very successfully on the server - from what I can tell, the people who pay good money get their product moved and delivered. From an RP standpoint, while yes, trucking is very repetitive, that is also the case for trucking in the real world, and other in game professions such as taxi driving. It's not about the raw script/commands, but rather, what you make of them. There are plenty of taxi drivers in game who simply /me start meter /me say "bro where is money," but on the other side of the spectrum, there are people who develop full scale taxi companies and devote their character to them, roleplaying what realistically would be the life of a taxi driver. The same thing could be said for trucking, but I feel like there are much less people who roleplay their characters surrounding their trucking job and simply truck while complaining the script is too basic. The script isn't a problem, roleplay is in the two commands: /me and /do. It is what you make of it, and I do agree that not enough people fully roleplay their trucking character life surrounding trucking, but I simply don't understand why.
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