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  1. Fortunately it is just a game whoever does what they like and make fun. That's the most important thing.
  2. Indeed. That's what we've been discussing the previous pages.
  3. Hell yeah. I would suggest it to everybody.
  4. Scythe

    FSJAL thread

    Let's everyone create one fsjal good or worse.
  5. Scythe

    FSJAL thread

    Hello. Those who are coming from sa-mp probably know what fsjal's are. Those who don't know, fsjals are MS-Paint made characters that you try to paint relatively close to the character you want to draw. Those were very popular in some RP communities. This is the template fsjal's are based on: I just painted the triad boss from GTA:SA Here are some fsjal's from the internet based on GTA:SA.
  6. Money means nothing in a role-play world. What you're saying is exactly what I've done at the start. I would not do that mistake anymore. Even if I run out of money, it does not matter to me. It's not a RPG world to be worried about money, but about the role-play and character development.
  7. ((It's best to read it on nightmode.)) Hong Kong Coast American officials estimate that 100,000 Chinese are being smuggled into the United States each year. A large number of Chinese were smuggled into the U. S. in fishing trawlers or freighters by the smugglers, known as "snakeheads" by Chinese. Many believe that organized crime groups are behind most smuggling activities because moving human cargoes across the Pacific or over other vast continents requires extensive international coordination and arrangement of services. In other words, human smuggling requires organizational responses rather than individual endeavors. What is not clear is the nature and characteristics of these smuggling organizations. Few have been able to study this subject matter systematically. This is partly because human smuggling is not a traditional choice of racketeering businesses for organized criminals. More importantly, illegal Chinese immigrants have largely been “invisible,” due to linguistic and cultural barriers erected by the Chinese communities. Crime syndicates operate smuggling networks, and syndicate operations are transnational in that smugglers hire recruiters, sailors, corrupt officials, drivers, document forgers, employment agents, and gangs in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Yusheng Dao - Biography Sham Shui Po District - Hong kong Yosheng Dao was born Hong Kong, 4th may of 2003 in one of the poorest districts of Hong Kong - Sham Shui Po District. He was born to a working class Cantonese Han Chinese descent family of fishers. Yosheng's family was really dedicated to its family tree and its roots, so they would make rituals and prays for their family members every weekend. Yosheng's childhood didn't went very well. He was a very unsuccessful kid in the school and furious since young age. He couldn't finish his education and dropped off from the school. His father then decided to take Dao with him to fishing. Dao unwillingly went with his father to fish at the local coasts since dropping from the school. Until one day, in a family gathering with his family, he spits out the stone from his mouth - he doesn't want to continue fishing and that he wants to move to the U.S for better life. The family gets shocked by his decision. The family has very low amount of savings from fishing and may be not able to afford the smuggling costs to the U.S. Then his father gets in contact with one of the 'snakehead' smuggler in their district. The family borrowed loans from their neighbours, close relatives and plus the savings from fishing - they've managed to collect the money they needed for the 'snakehead' smuggler. The 'snakehead' arranged one night a well organized smuggling plan with a boat for Dao with a fake I.D included to the U.S. From now on the story continues on from Dao's activities in San Andreas. San Andreas's coast. OOC INFORMATION My plan is to create a hard-core development for my 18 years old character who arrives fresh in San Andreas. I will be trying to portray a young man who arrives in San Andreas and starts from the zero. I'll be joining Los Santos triads faction who have very strict character development policies and doesn't allow non-proper portray of assets and where you're required to posses assets according to your character development and rank within the hierarchy.
  8. Thanks for judging me OOC'ly for IC guys. You're all right as my character didn't have any development and was like an insect without a brain. I'm working on a new hard character development as right of now.
  9. Yes, that's my character. Who were you?
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