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  1. My bad, Yes this is what I meant exactly.
  2. Yes! It's 21:11 now in game and we're not still at night.
  3. Right!, It's so much better to roleplay at night .. I can't play on the server when it's at night and I really hate it.. I LOVE NIGHTLIFE
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering why is the day light so long, It can be 21:00 and the night has not yet to come in the game? EDIT for more explanation: The day time in the server is so long (More than it should be) The night time in the server is so short (Way less than it should be)
  5. Eclipse Towers Penthouse 21st floor For those who are looking for luxurious apartment in a quite, high class place this might be the best place for you to live in. This apartment is furnished by really experienced interior designers, It took really long time for it to be fully furnished. APARTMENT DETAILS: - Two large master rooms (Each has it's own bathroom) - Total three bathrooms - Open style modern kitchen - Very large salon - One nice dining area - All rooms has fantastic view balcony view I'll leave you with the apartment images now: STATUS STARTING BID: 700,000 CURRENT BID: 900,000 BUYOUT: 1,200,000 OOC Market Price: 325,000 Furniture Price: 350,000
  6. Username: DK Comment: Can't wait to drive my BMW in a race finally, So excited!
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