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  1. I'd like to see a way cars could be obtained through RP. For example I Rped restoring my Peyote. I am also currently RPing restoring a car for a girl. The rp spans over a few days if not a full week. I think it is great for mechanics and shops and would love to see more of this type of rp.
  2. I can understand the drag but why no chimera? Trikes are very common
  3. I agree with you. A lot of these bikes should be in. The only one I would possibly disagree with would be the electric one as I'm not sure if the boost effect can be taken off. Some of the bikes you've listed are available for purchase, I'd recheck your list. For example, the Principle Diablous is for sale in the non-custom variant.
  4. Im all for making the server look better and these look great
  5. Kill3rkrok


    I agree I think any house robbery should have to have admin approval .
  6. What is the point of this poll other than to say " haha I was right " ???
  7. I like the idea. The use of /p seems the most logical conclusion to this problem. The one thing i would say is that this isnt top priority but surely something to consider down the line. Supporting
  8. But why shouldn't someone be allowed to kill themselves?
  9. Personally I don't like when people use IRL brands and name's that's why I don't use them myself. I think we should use the brands provided, and only use the irl brands as an insperation for what the vehicle performs like. For example I would still call my Hermes and Hermes, however I can look at what it is based off to RP that it is a 1940 car with x amount of bhp. In my opinion this simply helps me with immersion on the server rather than some people saying mustang and some saying buffallo
  10. I agree with Lance. There is deffo an opportunity for a service like this to pop up however. Someone could advertise a delivery service, you could ring to get them to buy you something for example. E.g.. I'm at the beach with friends and we don't have beer. I call the advert and pay him what the beer costs plus what he charges for him to bring me it ( maybe $300 for beer and $200 to deliver)
  11. Please can we add this? It makes screens so much easier
  12. A Trip to remember Been a while since I talked about what it is I’ve been up to. Well, I got A 12-hour flight ahead of me with nothing to do but try not to move so I don’t wake up Charlie. May as well update you. So the first major thing that happened is to do with the garage. I’m now a part owner. It took me working my balls off doing shitty oil changes and getting dirty (I’m acting like I didn’t love every second) but I know can officially put my name to the place. The second, and by far most important. I proposed to Charlie and I honestly still am baffled that she said yes. Anyhow, it official now, got permission from her old man and everything. That brings us to the final thing, and why I’m sat in a shitty plane on a 12-hour flight, I wanted to celebrate and neither of us has ever been to Italy. So I booked us 14 nights in Venice. It nice as hell! I sat and drank coffee, even smoked a few cigars, Charlie spent the entire time spending as much money as humanly possible. The only downer was me getting arrested for assault but that prick deserved it, the balls on this kid, he clearly saw me and Charlie together all night, then I come out of the bathroom and see him sidling up to her trying to chat her up. So I did what any normal man would do in that situation, I knocked the kid out cold. Cost me a night in a cell and 500 euro but fuck it felt good. Anyway, guess this is a quick update. My arm is now numb, I’m in a cramped plane, I’m out of beer but she looks happy just sleeping there, that’s what matters right?
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