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  1. I was recently looted by a couple of people who had nothing to do with the altercation that led up to my character's death. They took a ring and random small food that was in the inventory. They drove by the scene about three times while the cops were driving around the scene as well. No /injuries or /do's were done nor asked, and if so, only one was done. The duo proceeded to stand over my character and flipped her over unrealistically. They did not roleplay blood getting on them or anything of the sort. Simple words were said through the local /b but stopped on MY end once I realize I could just report later. I will roleplay my injuries to the fullest, but I would like to know if I could have the ring back if possible, the food is not requested back.
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    Character Creation

    thank y'all ! appreciate the response! *not sure how to delete this*
  3. In game I have a male ped, yet my character details show all signs of the character being a female, as I am roleplaying being a "Dyke" or "Stud". Am I allowed to do this? Or is it considered power gaming? I haven't done a lot on the character yet, so it's no big deal for me to change the character's gender to female or to just delete her. I just wanted to understand if it was considered power gaming or not. I also will take any consequences that are given if this is considered power gaming, I simply did not know.
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