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  1. Selling an Annis Euros with 633 miles on it. Includes performance package and high level security upgrades. Call me at 32429972 or send me an email at [email protected] (Forum PM) Starting Price: $180,000 Minimum Incrament : $5000 BUYOUT PRICE: $230,000 Picture: OOC Info :
  2. 3sin

    [SOLD] Comet SR

    A Annis Euros and 30k?
  3. 3sin

    [4SALE] Hakumai

    Hakumai Selling a Hakumai with decently high mileage, has been serviced. Features : This Hakumai has been fully modified, it is decked out with the best brakes, engine, suspension, transmission and also has turbo. The vehicle is not kitted with any security features. All for the low price of 35K (FIRM). Contact Details Mobile: 32429972Email: [email protected] (Forum PMs)
  4. Re-entering 105K, can do it right now.
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