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  1. Tangela Templeton, Tangie for short was born in Marlboro County Utah in 1990. Her parents were divorced when she was 15 years old. Her father left for Alaska and has never been seen since, so that left her mother to raise her. Tangie's mother became an alcoholic and could only yell at her. Tangie would on occasion would try to help her mother by talking to her her but she refused and would become violent. Tangie left for college with the intention on becoming a Economist but instead changed her major to Psychology. 

    Tangie is now a washed up psychologist. She graduated from the University of Tennessee, bottom of her class mind you. She practiced for 5 years before being fired. Tangie got to comfortable and was giving patients experimental medication. Tangie also took medication, her thought process declined and her patients were dying within 6 months of her treatment plan. Tangie's overuse of those medications has made her mentally unstable. She still offers her treatments in hotels. She has psychotic episodes time to time, thinking she is in tune with the world. She talks to herself and has on occasion blacked out to find herself working at a coffee shop or cleaning toilets as a janitor. Her mind is unstable from the medication so she never knows how or who she might be day to day. Tangie has a split personality smart, manipulative, sweet talker and dangerous at times and filthy, dumb and just crazy on the other. Which Tangie will it be today?

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