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  1. It really puts me to great loss selling it for that low.. But I am in desperate need for some cash.. So I guess if by tomorrow no better offers arrive, either here or through other means of advertisements ((In-game)), I will seriously consider it. SOLD
  2. Business owners who would place the unloading marker into the back of their interiors or 1-2 floors up. You are terribly mistaking truckers for errand boys.
  3. I am a full time long-distance hauler. I live on the road and I surely make a living out of it! It is not an easy job to steer wheels all day long with your whole attention being spot on. However, ever since I was introduced to your station, it got hella easier! Just turning the radio on your frequency lifts up my soul from behind the wheel and all the way up to the clouds! As a way of paying back for your station, I have started running a daily chore of deliveries to and from Paleto Bay in hopes that it may lend a helping hand to the community there to thrive. You keep up the great work! Much appreciated!
  4. Purely random one I have been going with since 2008-2009
  5. Howdy! I am open for any reasonable offers. Vehicle's documents:
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