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  1. Started my own RP server on SAMP when I didn't knew shit about RP. Then the actual one was the "Wild Gaming", NGG rip off that lasted relatively a long time.
  2. EmilyGrace


    Name - Emily Grace UCP - ManalShaikh Note - Hey, my semester 4 exam timetable has come and my exam starts from 4th of April. I need a vacation from GTA world and don't want to loose my newly purchased house(very costly). Ps - I don't know if this is the right place to request this, so I apologize if its wrong section.
  3. Username: Anonymous Comment: After this piece of article, situation seems to be improving. Delta, the white trucks, and the red heads IMEX, have been actively taking on pending deliveries. Also, Jake is right. Coppers are setting up speed traps and if you go 5-6mph above the speed limit, they write you a ticket. wtf? Blame SD for that.
  4. Yea, but those who are not donators and are willing to help newbies, they should be allowed to post links in support. I know, this may sometimes attract spam, but how about only allow those who has been a part of discord server for like a month?
  5. Hi. Speaking based on personal experience and speculations. Sometimes a certain IP address(es) allocated to you by your ISP maybe flagged by one of the connection route of the server in firewall, the IP address's previous owner was either hacked or was involved in malicious activity. This can often times break connectivity. In other instances, it could be because of ISP imposed firewall on certain ports sometimes because someone else in your ISP's network is getting DDoS'ed or for whatever reason ISP is throttling. There are many reasons behind the problem you're facing, and it's fine. How to tackle? I use Cloudflare WARP to tackle this issue. Cloudflare acts like a VPN, however, it's main goal is to encrypt your datapackets and prevent your ISP from snooping into your traffic by making changes in your connection, and DNS. Sometimes it may also hide your IP, but most of the time, it's open. The main thing it does is, it changes your connection route to Cloudflare's global network of datacenters and take you to the destination server as fast as possible, which in this case, is GTA World's OVH route. Best part? WARP is free. No, I do not work for cloudflare. I'm just trying to help. You can check and download their app. I use it, and whenever my ISP is acting funny, I just turn it on and it cuts any potential lag. Also note, this isn't ideal for daily browsing. Sometimes it can trigger captcha for sites who have high security enabled because as always, its a VPN IP and it can flag you suspicious. If you are forced to solve captchas, solve it once and turn it off. Use it only while gaming. 🙂
  6. My budget is $130k. Bravado Buffalo A/C. Performance & Security package preferred
  7. I am available. I sent you an email((forum DM))). Please call me when you're available.
  8. I apologize, I was asleep. Will you be up in 2 hours from now?
  9. Hi. I know I'm not like any admin but Cloudflare's WARP free VPN will help. I never faced this issue, but in some cases, it helps me reduce lag ingame. It just connects you to better route instead of changing whole different location, often bypassing specific ISP restrictions. #notapromo
  10. Offering Buyout. I'll be available in 2 hours from now.
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