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  1. this thread is going to showcase the development of elliot harrison
  2. shut the fuck up im cooking
  3. I'm not exactly a 100 percent sure what could fix this given the fact you've tried all possible repairs above but I could say try to get in singleplayer then online thru the regular game from steam or epic games (whichever you own) and change your resolution to whatever's possible then go from windowed to fullscreen or windowed borderless(try both) and if this doesnt work out you then you might need to reinstall the game entirely rather than just reinstalling RAGE or verifying files integrity. (You might need to change the settings in online and singleplayer both since it's online's graphical settings that affect RAGE's.) So, to summarize: - Change your resolution to whatever's possible other than what you have right now then go from windowed to fullscreen or windowed borderless(try both) - Reinstall the game entirely. - Lock your fps to 30 or 24 using RTSS Rivatuner https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/rtss-rivatuner-statistics-server-download.html (Download links at the bottom of the page)
  4. i think its gonna be one of the greatest games to hit the market for the last 5 years, right above red dead 2. rockstar's greedy n its online is cancer but that doesn't mean that they don't put the right effort into their games on release, just look back at them? bully, all of the gta games, la noire, red dead etc.. point being that i cant think of any rockstar game that was a total failure like how u could name a ton for ubisoft n others adding this ill argue the fact that while gta online has all of its flaws n everything else, if you suggested the idea of gta online around 7 years ago n described exactly what is right now? people would get nonstopping boners thinking about it. it has its shitty side loading times n watnot but it was a blast at first n i could still have a blast playing it with friends. people will bitch about just anything n everything these days. so in conclusion here, i think they're obviously gonna include some sorta online feature in 6 but i hope that they improve on it. imo, rockstar is still the most consistent dev out of all the current ones. so for now, ill appreciate what I and you all have, which is gta v, cuz its gonna become a memory sooner or later and people will find ways to bitch about 6 and when they do? they'll start talking about this one as if it was the perfectly perfect 10/10 masterpiece that everybody liked.
  5. ok for the record im clout, resuming this story
  6. making an account on facebrowser and seeing the genetically modified blond kim kardashians
  7. this thread's gonna showcase anthony olivares' development anthony and his little sister jess
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