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  1. скинул немного на сбер надеюсь всё будет хорошо!
  2. only for awards, if it wont be seen by others
  3. We can probably add it to people's profiles if they want to share it, but, as stated above, it is not that vital. There is already a "Location" field where you can put your timezone.
  4. not a priority, but thatd be great.
  5. Won't say for all things mentioned here, as it would be unfair (never started a business), but to give you at least some light of hope - step 5 is a necessary IC action, but we do understand players want to start their business immediately and don't have any sanctions for not registering the business straight away/prior to making it work. You can do it when you're more or less settled.
  6. Depends on the situation indeed. I don't want to spend a year here doing my ULSA degree, for example, but for a lot of cases current system (1:1) is totally fine.
  7. i do understand the frustration, but imo its fine for them to rp rich parents as long as its realistic and fine
  8. there is a banking app in development which is mdc-like in regards to accessibility hopefully itll be there
  9. Did admins set him to CK though?
  10. The last one is partly true. There is a few businesses/jobs in regards to rather high profile white collar, as in financial, for which you might even partly need IRL knowledge, but yeah, lol level jobs aren't played as there's nothing to do.
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