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  1. Goodbrah

    [SOLD] L&A

    Sold to the first offer for buyout, thanks for the participation everyone!
  2. Goodbrah

    [SOLD] L&A

    Selling a fully furnished home located on Grove street, in the cul-de-sac. It is a two bedroom, one bath, and a spacious living area. Three separate garages. Starting Bid $400,000 Buyout $478,221 Photos Are As Follows: Exterior: Interior: Garage Interiors: If necessary viewings can be arranged via the following email.((ForumPM)) @ [email protected] Bidding will end and at buyout or on May 7th. ((OOC STATS))
  3. Still looking for a Granger 3600LX to buy. 30K as of now for the Chevy Fugitive, will sell if no offers come for a trade with a 3600LX plus cash.
  4. Looking to buy a Granger 3600LX. Selling my Cheval Fugitive or will trade it in for a Granger 3600LX. Will sell to the highest bidder or trade as previously stated. GALLERY
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