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  1. More then 16 hours have passed since the last bid. Sold to him. Phone number : 47913950 Email: ((faygoo#9135))
  2. Tomorrow I'll end it as I couldn't do it tonight. ((Can't get IG tonight))
  3. keeping this open for one or two more days ---- bump
  4. STARTING BID: 45.000$ BUYOUT PRICE: 120.000$ Pictures of the exterior: Pictures of interior:
  5. It's an alright idea, a much better way of regulating faction drops would be trough activity. The more activity your faction has and members (only members that have been in the faction for more then 2 weeks should count) the more things you get. This ofc would need a limit to how much you can get. The rest is pretty good, but there are factions on this server that haven't done shit for the past 6 months or more but still post a screenshot every 2 weeks to avoid being archived, those factions do not deserve tier 3.
  6. snoochies going trough it 1st day of official... congrats tho
  7. honestly, if you already made hella money off grinding jobs and shit like that, save it and then namechange your character into a gang member or something like that, its much better to start off with money that you dont use then have 200k that run out quick as fuck
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