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  1. the problem with this is that there are no mechanisms on the server referencing or utilizing the NFA. those firearms require registration through the federal government, which this server doesn't regulate, the FLD doesn't accommodate, and the additions to the SHAFT act don't cover. nothing in the legislation requires FLD to coordinate issuance of prohibited firearms, either. from what I've been told from the few senators i've spoken to about the issue, the actual problem is overbearing management, which has to be addressed oocly by the community. all ic efforts to make change have been oocly suppressed.
  2. not at all how it works. speaking from an investigative standpoint, RICO would destroy our rp. the fun in legal/illegal rp is the cat and mouse game. if the cat catches all of the mice, it doesn't have anything else to hunt. when you line up an organization for RICO charges you arrest the entire organization and charge them together, so the whole point of a completed rico case would be the complete and absolute decimation of the organization. which obviously isn't fun for illegal factions- and, for the reason i already explained, it wouldn't be fun for legal factions either. irl the law isn't meant to be "balanced" against the criminal underworld, but for the sake of rp, it needs to be on the server.
  3. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    **The sale notice has been taken down.** (SOLD L&A)
  4. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    Noted. No response from previous bidders. Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like to set up a viewing time.
  5. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    () Noted, starting.
  6. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    This listing is still available. (Bump.)
  7. no underage chars = problem solved found the "tuff kid" rper
  8. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    Selling a small apartment on Tug Street, great neighborhood with access to local shops, on the waterway with dock access. Property is armed with a Wiwang security alarm. Starting bid: $145,000 Bid Increases: $10,000 Buyout: $215,000 Information: Exterior Gallery: Interior Gallery: PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD
  9. @Zanibro i love u.... keep hamming it up for paleto gang 🙏
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