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  1. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    **The sale notice has been taken down.** (SOLD L&A)
  2. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    Noted. No response from previous bidders. Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like to set up a viewing time.
  3. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    () Noted, starting.
  4. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    This listing is still available. (Bump.)
  5. no underage chars = problem solved found the "tuff kid" rper
  6. Sentryzu

    [SOLD] L&A

    Selling a small apartment on Tug Street, great neighborhood with access to local shops, on the waterway with dock access. Property is armed with a Wiwang security alarm. Starting bid: $145,000 Bid Increases: $10,000 Buyout: $215,000 Information: Exterior Gallery: Interior Gallery: PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD
  7. @Zanibro i love u.... keep hamming it up for paleto gang 🙏
  8. Speaking from the experience of someone who has very, very limited experience with illegal RP, all I hear from the outside looking in is about how poor illegal faction management is, from the people who regularly participate in illegal RP. It's made the prospect of getting involved with illegal RP kind of unappealing, so thus far I haven't really delved into it because I don't want to deal with those issues. Again, no direct experience- but it's has it's own implications and I feel I'm probably not the only one who doesn't want to get into illegal RP based on this. (edit: i should add i agree on the first point and i support getting help where its needed for this issue)
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