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  1. Reviews: Serenity Wellness BY DINA HAMEED Los Santos, SA - We have decided to visit the Serenity Wellness centre, in order to see how they operate and throughfully review them. As everyone is aware of, work can be tiring and sometimes you just need to rest. What place to better rest at, than a wellness centre? Serenity Wellness To begin with, the prices are quite fair. With the one day pass being 500 dollars, a standard membership costing 3000 dollars for two weeks, and a VIP membership for 6000 dollars a month, including the ability to bring up to six friends with you, a key so you can enter while the Wellness Centre is closed for others, and free drinks. These are the prices at the time of visit and are subject to change. Prices: 9/10 To continue with, the design. The design of the place is beautiful, the decorations of the place are very well fitting for a wellness centre. The pool area includes a pool, three hot tubs and a few sun chairs to rest on when you get tired swimming. The sauna is pretty comfortable and has enough space for you and a couple of friends. It really feels like you aren't in Los Santos anymore when you visit this place. Design: 9/10 When it comes to the service, the Receptionists were very professional and promoted their services very well. Although, it could be improved by getting rid of the self service at the bar. Which does confuse the people which are used to having bartenders present. It would require training of bartenders but a good bartender would lure extra customers for the place. Service: 8/10 Overall, we enjoyed ourselves at Serenity Wellness and would definitely visit it again. It is a nice place to meet people at and just relax at after a long day of work. Or even for a relaxed business trip with your burned out employees. Overall end score: 8.5 After the visit, I arranged an interview with the owners, Lorelei Freyer and Leon Schroder. I asked them why they opened the wellness centre and Leon answered: "Lorelei and I are actually renowned German entrepreneurs, we had a long trip starting years ago until this moment. We went through a lot and made a ton of decisions for the good of our lives, myself being a businessman, I always evaluated decisions before making then, and we stumbled upon this opportunity. Took it right away." What makes their company successful in their eyes? Leon responded with: "The fine Management and system we are applying. Carefully choosing the right set of people to work in the establishment." On top of that, Lorelei added: "We put accent on customer service, and train employees in a specific manner to achieve the best customer service." What do they think they can further improve upon and how will they achieve this? Leon responded with: "From my fair viewpoint, I believe we are ought to work on what this foundation has to provide and offer, transforming it into a nice brand with the goal that it would pull in a wide range of customer base." > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  2. A way to solve this issue could be that when a delivery point is in a interior. and that interior gets locked That order automatically gets cancelled(resuming as soon as it is unlocked again). This would cause less hassle for the truck drivers and makes sure that business owners get a decent delivery point of their choosing. and yes this would cost some time for the script developers, although it is just a small quality of life improvement and shouldn't be hard to implement at all. This makes both sides happy as truckers won't end up in front of a locked business and business owners can still place their delivery spots where they want them to be.
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