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  1. Being rich and portraying rich is two completely different things. In my old SAMP days I've done a ton of roleplays like being a gang outsider, or an fob illegal immigrant, and roleplayed being poor (even with millions on bank). That's the beauty of roleplaying, you can be whatever you want. People will stop portraying rich people when it becomes boring for them.
  2. Believe me, it's better that way. Otherwise the server would be full of AFK people for a dime. They wouldn't prioritize roleplay, just straight up farming. And oh, it's better to be roleplaying as a bartender/escort than be exploiting some job script in the middle of nowhere.
  3. I do not agree with self-inserts, they CAN be good, but most really aren't. Add scripting roleplay with others, that's the lousiest shit ever, and people only do that to look good on a fucking screenshot.
  4. Right now? Wu-Tang: An American Saga and Dorohedoro. I feel everybody is sleeping on both, and they pretty awesome. All time? The good ol Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul combo, Sopranos, and a bunch of anime.
  5. Many saints of Newark. Kinda meh compared to Sopranos.
  6. It's my last name IRL, believe it or not.
  7. Civilian roleplay inside factions. Gangsters/mobsters often looks like robots without a life, spending 100% of its time dedicated to crime.
  8. Both are pretty awesome, but gang roleplay feels more organic/harmonic and require less effort from the roleplayer. Mob roleplay is often poorly portrayed, and makes the character look like a cheap Tony Soprano. There are some roleplays that gets the best of both worlds, like eoc and bgf for example.
  9. brazilian doomer music
  10. First seasons are awesome, but they lost it at the last ones.
  11. A masterpiece, but deserves an sequel. Old animes are kinda slow and not easy to digest, not having a continuous story troughout the episodes makes it kinda boring to watch sometimes. The aestethics are on point tho.
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