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  1. Guess I'll start this off with the starting bid.
  2. Offering 120k if that works.
  3. Looking to sell my cozy and furnished 1-bedroom apartment located in a clean and crime-free area in the heart of West Vinewood. Located only a minute's walk away from several businesses. Has off-street parking for your vehicle storage, and comes with a Wiwang alarm system for peace of mind. Included Are Interior Pictures Of The Apartment Included Is An Exterior Picture As Well ((For OOC Purposes)) Starting Price: $150,000 Buyout: $500,000 Call/Text 9190611 or email [email protected] to reach out to me.
  4. Would it be possible to book a viewing for this?
  5. Well, you're looking at $7,000 if you did scrape it. My offer's still on the table, but I'll make it $21,000.
  6. Selling my well-maintained and beloved Ubermacht Zion Classic. It has close to 1261 miles on it, but has just been recently maintained, so it's good for a few hundred more miles. Comes with a few performance upgrades as well as upgraded locks for peace of mind. Also has GPS installed in it for easy navigation and a nice set of custom plates to show off to your friends. Looking for 80k, but am willing to negotiate a bit. C/S 9190611 or drop a comment below if you're interested.
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