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  1. 29 minutes ago, Red Hunnid said:

    This is totally realistic and happens everyday. 

    Murdering a police officer in a car registered to you on recorded video camera doesn’t happen everyday.


    If your character was paranoid, I don’t understand why he was driving around at 100+mph breaking traffic laws in a that is registered (especially registered to him), seemingly deliberately attracting attention. Additionally, if your character is concerned about being arrested, why compliantly stop? Why not just fail to stop and evade? Why would your character make it 83927492016492x worse for himself by literally murdering a cop on full HD video?


    It appears you left it long enough to confirm I was typing, knowing I wouldn’t be able to react, and then just “bounced out” and murdered me over a speeding ticket, lol. 


    I should note, an hour later you were just casually driving around in Ginger Street in a second car, also registered to you, also not reported stolen. I know that because you pinged my ALPR again (but I’d obviously been PKed so didn’t react to that). It seems curious that someone so paranoid about being arrested, who is now a wanted cop killer, is just curiously driving around in the middle of the day for recreational purposes like nothing’s happened. 

  2. Date of incident: 25/09/2022

    Rules broken: 1

    Your ingame name: Charles Castellanos

    Names of witnesses (if applicable): None

    Explanation of the incident (500 word limit): I pulled Brandon over for speeding. Before I could even start the stop, as I was typing in my radio transmission calling it in, he jumps out and shoots me to death. It feels a lot like grossly disproportionate escalation. 

    Evidence: https://streamable.com/wshv4i

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  3. Date of incident: 03/SEP/2022

    Rules broken: 1

    Your ingame name: Charles Castellanos

    Names of witnesses (if applicable): Ethan Munoz, Isabella Green

    Explanation of the incident (500 word limit): Mask_BAA6A_16 was the driver of a stolen vehicle with Ethan Munoz in the passenger seat. They ditched the car in an alleyway on Macdonald Street in Rancho and tried to jump onto a Sanchez to make off. Unfortunately, Ethan left Mask_BAA6A_16 behind. I Tasered Mask_BAA6A_16 who immediately force-crashed out of game. I PMed Ethan to ask if Mask_BAA6A_16 had crashed and if he was coming back. Ethan said he didn't know. We waited at the scene for 10 minutes to see if Mask_BAA6A_16 would come back, but he didn't.

    Evidence: https://streamable.com/z1cnam

  4. ** Charles Castellanos takes his place in the box. He stands. 


    Your honour, good morning. I understand having had sight of court records that the plaintiff has indicated he has made multiple attempts to notify the respondent of his petition. This is not the case. I raise this only as I believe it will become a theme in my response to the allegations of the defendant that his version of the truth is somewhat departed from reality. 


    I submit firstly, therefore, what I will refer to as exhibit CC-01, contact made by the plaintiff on Thursday 4th August 2022 wherein he simply appends a copy of the petition in an e-mail to my corporate police e-mail address. There was not contained therein a direction to attend court, nor an indication of a likely date for trial. For completeness, this contact was forwarded immediately to the LSPD Department of Legal Affairs, whom also made no indication to me that a trial date had been set. I do therefore hold a reasonable degree of confidence that no such notification was given, and the plaintiff has misled the court.




    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: Tyler Fujita v. Los Santos Police Department,
    Date: Thu Aug 04, 2022 12:31 am
    From: Bedford
    To: Charles Castellanos

    RE: Tyler Fujita v. Los Santos Police Department,

    I am writing to you today in regards to a petition against you in the Traffic Division of the Los Santos County Superior Court. The petition is attached below.


    Tyler Fujita



    I became aware of this case when court transcripts indicated that your intention, Your Honour, was to issue a subpoena. Keen not to delay judicial proceedings, I took immediate steps to secure mine and Officer Brian Ford's attendance.


    Having clarified those matters, may I now turn to those artefacts that will assist in defense of this claim.


    The claim of the defendant appears, it seems, to turn on the question of fact as to his intention to drive his vehicle on a public roadway. The plaintiff concedes in his petition that his vehicle tints are beyond the legal limit, and that he knew this. His principal argument, though, is that in being parked on private property, and having no intention of driving on a public roadway, that the offence is not complete and therefore that no penalty can be imposed.


    What I have just said is necessary context for my introduction of the testimony from Officer Brian Ford, who is here with me today. His testimony will give evidence as to why we attended this lot in the first place - crime URN 157131. I would like to introduce to the court the dashcam footage linked to Officer Ford's original incident, which contains critical facts as to the incident before this court today. I have drawn two stills from this footage, which I introduce to this court as Exhibit BF-01.




    Arrest Report for #157120 #157121 #157122 #157128 #157129 #157130

    Police Officer I Brian Ford (#72751), Police Officer II Charles Castellanos (#70221), under the callsign 2T19 on the 20/JUL/2022, 01:00. Conducted an arrest on Evelyn Hayashi, the apprehension took place on Calais Avenue, Little Seoul.

    Arrest Narrative:
    Police Officer I Brian Ford and Police Officer II Charles Castellanos were on patrol in full uniform in a marked police car when, in Little Seoul, they observed a female now known to the LSPD as Evelyn Hayashi on a scrambler motorcycle riding at excess speed from the main road into a garage. The female was not wearing a helmet. Officer Ford followed the motorcycle into the garage area, activating the police car's flashing lights and exiting the vehicle to speak to the female.

    Officer Ford requested that the female provide her driving license and registration. The female asked why she was required to produce this and accused officer Ford of harassment for asking to see it. Officer Ford again requested to see the license and Hayashi refused to show it. Officer Castellanos exited the police vehicle and further requested Hayashi to provide the license. At this point it became clear that the motorcycle was either unregistered or did not have a license plate. Hayashi refused to provide a license or step off the motorcyle, and Castellanos attempted to detain her on suspicion of Driving Without a Valid License.

    As Castellanos attempted to remove Hayashi from the motorcycle, she continued to offer resistance leading to the motorcycle falling on top of Castellanos and Hayashi. Ford called for backup on the radio and a number of additional officers responded. Hayashi was detained and handcuffed, before being placed into 2T19's vehicle while the investigation continued.

    During the investigation, it became apparent that Hayashi held a driving license. Ford and Castellanos gave consideration to issuing a citation for Failure to Wear a Seatbelt/Safety Equipment, and releasing Hayashi. At this point, Hayashi began to make verbal threats against Officer Ford, stating that if he came back to the location off duty he "would not be walking". Ford questioned why this was the case and Hayashi responded that this would be because she had broken his kneecaps. Ford further arrested Hayashi for Criminal Threats.

    Officers Ford and Castellanos, with Hayashi in the vehicle, drove to Vespucci Headquarters to obtain an impound truck for the unregistered vehicle. On return, the motorcycle had been removed by a third party. Hayashi was taken to Mission Row police station. During processing, she made a further threat of physical harm against Officer Ford.

    Hayashi was placed into a cell by Ford and Castellanos. As the door was being closed, she called for Officer Ford, who re-entered the cell. Hayashi punched Ford in the face, causing him to hit the back of his head on the wall, bleeding from his nose, and damage to his glasses. Castellanos and Police Officer III+1 Maya Valerio entered the cell and attempted to restrain Hayashi, both being injured in the process. Ford re-engaged and struck Hayashi on two occasions with his baton. Hayashi was subdued and officers withdrew from the cell.

    Supporting Evidence:
    Dash camera footage capturing audio of the threat

    Dashboard Camera:
    * ((The dash cam starts rolling with the motorbike up against a garage building, with Evelyn on it. It captures Ford and Castellanos talking to her, Castellanos dragging her off, a large number of officers subduing her, and the subsequent process. The audio captures the investigation/discussion in the car and Evelyn's threats against Ford.)) *




    The first still image from BF-01, is BF-01-A. It is a still image taken from the rear-angle of the Digital In-Car Video System at 22:14 on the night in question. You will notice the black Police Buffalo STX with illuminated emergency lighting arriving at the scene during Miss Hayashi's aggravated resistance. The scene is illuminated by a police helicopter, which was summoned owing to the seriousness of the conduct of the man Mr Fujita claimed was his employee.  I invite the court to make a note of the positioning of that vehicle, and the absence of a Benefactor Scheisser.




    At that time, Tyler Fujita has yet to arrive.


    From review of this footage, this Court will see that at 22:21, a female arrives to the scene who identifies herself, helpfully, as Miss Hayashi's sister. Miss Hayashi responds "Yeah police brutality, inform Ty." That female then makes a phone call in which she says "Hey, Tyler, um, Lyn's being frisked outside your garage for some reason."


    At 22:24, Mr Fujita arrives to the scene driving his Black Benefactor Scheisser. His arrival was from a public roadway. It is at this point that the offence is complete. I note that no investigation immediately took place into that offence as Officer Ford and I were, at that time, committed with the arrest of an offender for an unrelated matter. In the event, Miss Hayashi was a disruptive and abusive suspect who made several threats to attending officers. This meant that investigation of other offences necessarily took a back seat until a determination on Miss Hayashi's processing was reached.


    I now introduce exhibit BF-01-B, a still image taken from the same continuous piece of footage, wherein the recording has not stopped as the emergency lighting system of the police vehicle remains active. The police vehicle has also, helpfully, not moved. During that time, a Black Benefactor Scheisser arrives and is parked behind the police vehicle, helpfully within view of its Digital In-Car Video System. The person who gets out of the drivers seat of that vehicle is Tyler Fujita.



    Mr Fujita goes onto interact with myself and Officer Ford, demanding to know why his employee has been detained. Our at-scene investigation concludes and I attempt to make contact with the Department of Public Works for the motorbike to be impounded. Regrettably, they remain uncontactable and arrangements have to be made to impound the bike myself.


    At 22:40, the recording ends as the emergency lighting of the police vehicle is switched off. Officer Ford and I drive immediately to Vespucci Headquarters, just a few roads away, where I collect a flat bed and drive back to the scene in order to impound the bike.


    At 22:44, or thereabouts, I arrive back to the lot. The bike, regrettably, has been removed. The Benefactor remains present and Mr Fujita is seated inside it. It is at this time that I become aware of the level of tint on his windows.  Regrettably, those matters are not recorded on video as there was no cause to re-enable the emergency lighting of a police vehicle present at the scene. I will, however, introduce report URN 156798. 


    Infraction Report for 156797.

    Police Officer II Charles Castellanos (#70221), Police Officer I Brian Ford (#72751), under the call sign 2T19 on the 19/JUL/2022, 22:54.
    Conducted a traffic stop on a Benefactor Scheisser, on Calais Avenue, Little Seoul.
    The vehicle was registered to Tyler Fujita, with the identification plate reading VRX158.
    The vehicle was inspected with the tint meter device, resulting with an illegal tint level (Level 1).
    The driver was identified as Tyler Fujita, possessing a valid drivers license.
    Officer Castellanos returned to the lot off Calais Avenue to impound a motorbike. On arrival, Tyler Fujita was found inside his car wherein it was noted the tints were particularly dark. The tints were inspected using an approved and calibrated tint meter. They gave a reading of level 1.

    Following charge(s) were issued:

    • IC 411. Tinted Windows - $1,000 Citation

    * None. *


    Your Honour, that is the full extent of my evidence on this matter


    It is my submission that Mr Fujita is either not recalling the events of the evening correctly, or is deliberately misleading this Court. His submission is that his vehicle never left the site of his garage, and was therefore not being driven on the public road. He submits that this means the relevant sections of the Penal Code in respect of tinted windows do not apply.


    The evidence that I have submitted, whilst collected for an investigation into another individual (Mr Fujita's employee), clearly demonstrates that the testimony provided by Mr Fujita is false. In the first capture (22:14hrs), Mr Fujita's car is not there. In the second (22:34hrs), it is. The police car has not moved in this time. In between this period, I observed Mr Fujita pulling into the garage in the vehicle in question. Officer Ford will give further testimony. At the time that the disputed citation was finally issued (23:00hrs), Mr Fujita's car was still in the same place that it had been seen at 22:34hrs.


    On the evidence, it is clear that Mr Fujita arrived at some point after 22:14hrs and before 22:34 hrs during the incident involving his employee. To do this, he travelled via the public road. His argument that he "showed no intention of driving the vehicle with illegal tints" is dismantled neatly by the fact that, on the evidence, he clearly did. 


    Nothing further to add, Your Honour.


    ** Charles Castellanos offers the full evidential pack to the Court Officer. He remains stood in the box, awaiting any questions.

  5. (( Hello! Sorry for the lack of reply, have had a really busy couple of days. Will do my best to reply to this tomorrow, so request a short extension of just over 12 hours beyond the deadline. Annoyingly the stuff I need is on my gaming laptop which I don't have ready access to all the time. )) 

  6. Date of incident: 12/08/2022

    Rules broken: 3 - Metagaming

    Your ingame name: Charles Castellanos

    Names of witnesses (if applicable): Brian Ford

    Explanation of the incident (500 word limit): I noticed a car driving at speed on Palomino Avenue. When I got up behind it, I saw Kiante Rivers dump it in the middle of the road and run over to a dead body, presumably to loot it. As we pulled up, he noticed us and force-crashed. It then turned out the dead body was him. He was returning to the scene of his own death to pick up his own 9mm gun.

    Evidence: https://streamable.com/moymvl

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  7. ** A glistening clean Vapid Police Interceptor is parked in front of the court. The rubber of the tyres is matte black having been cleaned and dressed that morning.


    ** Charles Castellanos and Brian Ford arrive at the courthouse, each dressed in sharply pressed long-sleeved Class A uniform shirts and ties, their trousers pressed with a sharp pleat along the front and back of each trouser leg. Charles' shirt is adorned with the Los Santos Police Department Traffic Division patch on the upper arm of each sleeve. The silverware of their uniform is polished and unscuffed. Each of the two are clean-shaven. Charles carries a folder underarm which reads 'Fujita v LSPD' written along the spine. A manilla envelope is attached by treasury tag and marked 'DICVS - FUJITA'.


    ** The two officers sign in and make themselves known to the Usher. They are seated outside the courtroom.

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  8. Date of incident: 01/08/2022

    Rules broken: 1 - Common Courtesy

    Your ingame name: Charles Castellanos

    Names of witnesses (if applicable): Emilio Velasquez

    Explanation of the incident (500 word limit): 

    • Elsbeth initiated a role play on Vespucci Boulevard, honking at and shouting at an SD cruiser for his driving.
    • I subsequently stopped her for a vehicular noise violation.
    • She IC refused to provide her driving license and had to be threatened with arrest. She eventually handed it over, and I noticed her eyes were bloodshot with dilated pupils. She refused to RP the drug effects, stating it was her role play and her decision. (orange highlights in chatlog)
    • I subsequently PMed her repeatedly asking to clarify if her bike had a plate shown on it. She wouldn't respond, so I treated it as not having a plate. (red highlights in chatlog)
    • She was subsequently given two tickets, her bike impounded and her license suspended. The RP ended.


    • Around 15 minutes later, while I was role playing with someone else, she started repeatedly PMing me.
    • She initially claimed the SD car cut her off which is why she honked.
    • She then tried to OOCly blame it on desync. This doesn't make sense as she then role played accordingly by honking/shouting.
    • She then claimed the SD car "stopped suddenly".
    • I subsequently sent her the footage and she turned her attention to criticising that she had done nothing wrong because she only honked twice.


    • She repeatedly PMed me, being quite unpleasant throughout, threatening to take it to the forum, calling me pet names, etc.
    • Overall, I have come away from what is quite a standard encounter, feeling quite unhappy.
    • Ultimately, her IC decisions led to her receiving an IC firm criminal justice outcome. She chose to honk, shout at the police, refuse to provide a license, argue, etc.
    • Ultimately, all of these things are IC issues. I'd be very happy to discuss the matter in court.



    https://streamable.com/hk2e17 - the initial encounter leading to her being stopped, for context. I didn't record beyond this point.


    (I have redacted /f chat only from the below - this is the original RP incident in its entirety)


    [16:18:25] Elsbeth Tipple shouts: Learn to drive, cop!
    [16:18:33] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Charles Castellanos says: 2T19, Code 6 Pillbox Hill, Vespucci Boulevard.
    [16:18:35] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 203, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:18:46] Elsbeth Tipple says: I is back.
    [16:18:51] Hailey Rayner says [low]: Welcome back.
    [16:18:51] Elle Tanner says: Welcome back Beth.
    [16:18:54] Elsbeth Tipple says: Dankie.
    [16:18:54] Charles Castellanos says: Ma'am, I'm gonna need your driving license.
    [16:19:01] Elsbeth Tipple says: Dude, dis' guy drivin' in wrong lanes?
    [16:19:12] Elsbeth Tipple says: Literally pulling over lanes.
    [16:19:13] Elle Tanner says (to Charles Castellanos): I was watching, she didn't do anything.
    [16:19:16] Charles Castellanos says: You failed to give way to a vehicle at an intersection, and then committed a vehicular noise violation.
    [16:19:22] Charles Castellanos says: I'm going to need your license.
    [16:19:27] Hailey Rayner says [low]: Vehicular noise violation?
    [16:19:30] Elsbeth Tipple says: Wat? Is you fokken KIDDYING me?
    [16:19:33] Elle Tanner says: Vehicular noise violation. Holy fuck me.
    [16:19:35] Charles Castellanos says: I don't know what that means.
    [16:19:37] Elsbeth Tipple says: He pulled in FRONT of me, in da WRONG LANE.
    [16:19:38] [DISPATCH] Carolina Diaz has reported their Vapid Torrence SSO with plate NEF571 stolen at 01/AUG/2022 - 16:19:38
    [16:19:41] Charles Castellanos says: Do you have your license?
    [16:19:42] Elsbeth Tipple says: So I honked to WARN him.
    [16:19:52] Charles Castellanos says: You honked long after he had already moved off ahead and presented no threat.
    [16:19:53] Hailey Rayner says [low]: Since when is honking a violation?
    [16:19:53] Elsbeth Tipple says: Ja, I have my lisensie, but is you gonna acknowledge my words?
    [16:19:56] Elsbeth Tipple says: Nope.
    [16:20:00] Charles Castellanos says: I've acknowledged your words.
    [16:20:03] Charles Castellanos says: I don't agree with them.
    [16:20:06] Elsbeth Tipple says: You is serious right now?
    [16:20:06] Charles Castellanos says: License, please?
    [16:20:11] Charles Castellanos says: I "is" serious, yes.
    [16:20:13] Elsbeth Tipple says: Dude is driving recklessly en you is ASKING ME?\\
    [16:20:15] Elsbeth Tipple says: Dude is driving recklessly en you is ASKING ME?
    [16:20:20] Charles Castellanos says: I "is" asking you, yes.
    [16:20:30] * Hailey Rayner squints at Charles.
    [16:20:37] Elsbeth Tipple says: You kiddying me?
    [16:20:37] (Radio) Emilio Velasquez says: 61 Tom-1, SCC. Show me code-6 at Vespucci Boulevard, between Strawberry Avenue and Elgin.
    [16:20:38] Elle Tanner says: She didn't do shit, I was watching. She was honking to let her presence be known so she wasn't HIT.
    [16:20:42] Charles Castellanos says: I'm not "kiddying" anybody.
    [16:20:46] Elsbeth Tipple says: Literally dude...isn't driving safe?
    [16:20:47] Charles Castellanos says: You've asked me that twice now.
    [16:20:50] Charles Castellanos says: The answer is still no.
    [16:20:50] Hailey Rayner says: Dude stop talking to her like that. 
    [16:20:55] * Emilio Velasquez slots his radio back onto his belt.
    [16:20:55] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Laura Zan says: 2T15, Code 6 on Popular Street and Glory Way with a Grey Buffalo STX, plates NDB212, unknown occupancy. Requesting an additional.
    [16:21:01] Elsbeth Tipple says: En I'M being harassed?
    [16:21:03] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Kane Navarro says: Canine 11, out to 2T15.
    [16:21:03] Hailey Rayner says: The fuck is wrong with you?
    [16:21:08] Charles Castellanos says: Do you have your driving license?
    [16:21:08] Elsbeth Tipple says: Seriously!
    [16:21:25] * Elsbeth Tipple remains silent.
    [16:21:34] [HQ] Police Officer I Brandon Bean has gone on duty!
    [16:21:43] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Vance Bennett says: 2T11, Enroute to 2T15.
    [16:21:44] * Charles Castellanos draws in a deep breath. He holds it for a moment and then lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
    [16:21:46] * Elsbeth Tipple stares with green eyes, absolutely appalled with her frown.
    [16:21:47] Charles Castellanos says: I'm not going to go away. 
    [16:21:56] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Kane Navarro says: Canine 11, code six with 2T15.
    [16:22:00] Charles Castellanos says: You can stand there and stare at me until you're blue in the face.
    [16:22:05] Elle Tanner says: People do the absolute dumbest shit around here, and you get her for a... noise violation. Wowzers.
    [16:22:09] Charles Castellanos says: You're detained for an investigation into a traffic violation.
    [16:22:14] Charles Castellanos says: I've asked for your license.
    [16:22:15] * Elsbeth Tipple just shrugs silently, smiles and remains quiet.
    [16:22:18] Charles Castellanos says: Hand it over.
    [16:22:34] > Bakall Çela lights one up as he watches the scene.
    [16:22:51] Charles Castellanos says: I've never invoked the alien detention clause over a traffic ticket. But there's a first time for everything.
    [16:23:16] * Hailey Rayner rolls her eyes as she watches.
    [16:23:32] Elle Tanner says: She's an alien because she has an accent? Dude. C'mon now.
    [16:23:32] Elsbeth Tipple says: Wanna go over da traffic cams? Heck, my boyfren' has CCTV outside just OVER dere. Wanna see how dis' plays out when dis' dude was driving in da wrong lane when I honked?
    [16:23:42] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Brandon Bean says: 2T11, code six with 2T15.
    [16:23:42] Charles Castellanos says: I intend to review my dashcam.
    [16:23:47] Charles Castellanos says: But I'm not going to do that until I have your license.
    [16:23:49] (Radio) Bakall Çela says: Me.
    [16:23:58] Elsbeth Tipple says: Fokken have at it, mista' badge.
    [16:24:03] Charles Castellanos says: Many thanks.
    [16:24:06] * Charles Castellanos holds his hand out.
    [16:24:08] (Radio) Bakall Çela says: Quiet.
    [16:24:11] * Elsbeth Tipple shoves her license forward, just inches from Charles.
    [16:24:13] *** Driver Licenses from Elsbeth Tipple ***
    [16:24:13] - Age: 26
    [16:24:13] - Status: VALID
    [16:24:13] - Expire date: 10/26/2099 2:27:29 PM
    [16:24:19] * Charles Castellanos takes the license, smiling sarcastically.
    [16:24:22] Charles Castellanos says: Many thanks, "Beth".
    [16:24:26] [HQ] Police Officer III+1 (STO) Adv has gone on duty!
    [16:24:27] Elsbeth Tipple says: You is full'a shit, you know dis', right?
    [16:24:30] * Charles Castellanos examines the photo on the license. He compares it to her face.
    [16:24:42] Charles Castellanos says: You're not the first to give me that feedback, so you may well be onto something.
    [16:24:48] ___Description of Elsbeth Tipple___
    [16:24:48] Age range: 23 to 27
    [16:24:48] Beth the Ratlady is a peppy lil' blonde, a bit bizarre, yes---but she doesn't seem very harmful. Her blond hair frames a face with pools of green and a cheery smile, pleasant to look at! When she grins, two gold-capped fangs can be seen amidst pearly-white teeth. 
    [16:24:48] -
    [16:24:48] She speaks with a distinctly broken South African dialect, and smells like lotion and shampoo. 
    [16:24:48] -
    [16:24:48] Oh, and there is a moderate chance that there is a white rat on her shoulder. Yes, a rat. Inquire within. (Not in restaurants or bars).
    [16:24:48] Signs of drug usage:
    [16:24:48] -> Elsbeth Tipple has bloodshot eyes.
    [16:24:48] -> Elsbeth Tipple has dilated pupils.
    [16:24:48] Elsbeth Tipple says: Oh, wat'eva'.
    [16:24:56] Elsbeth Tipple says: Fokken badges fink dey run dis' town, but don't do shit for da rest of us.
    [16:25:07] Elsbeth Tipple says: Run me off da road, en yet?
    [16:25:08] Elsbeth Tipple says: Hier we is.
    [16:25:10] Charles Castellanos says: Hold on.
    [16:25:11] Charles Castellanos says: Sorry.
    [16:25:14] Charles Castellanos says: Just look at me a little closer.
    [16:25:19] Elsbeth Tipple says: Sure.
    [16:25:21] * Elsbeth Tipple smiles happily.
    [16:25:22] Elle Tanner says: Thank god all the murders in the city have been investigated. We're much safe now that Beth is getting pulled over for... noise.
    [16:25:23] Charles Castellanos says [low] (to Emilio Velasquez): Get a look at her eyes for me?
    [16:25:29] (( (101) Elle Tanner: *safer ))
    [16:25:32] Emilio Velasquez says [low]: Sure.
    [16:25:35] Charles Castellanos says: You've got eyes like a couple of manhole covers.
    [16:25:42] Charles Castellanos says: You on something?
    [16:25:42] * Elsbeth Tipple's eyes are normal.
    [16:25:48] * Emilio Velasquez slides out his pelican flashlight from his belt.
    [16:25:49] (( (330) Charles Castellanos: They aren't lol, /examine yourself. ))
    [16:26:05] Emilio Velasquez whispers: Want me to test for pupil dilations?
    [16:26:08] (( (273) Elsbeth Tipple: nobody does cocaine and has DILATED pupils for 1 hour 20 minutes, I'm sorry. ))
    [16:26:18] (( (330) Charles Castellanos: The script is the script *shrugs* ))
    [16:26:20] (( (273) Elsbeth Tipple: hell, cocaine doesn't even dilate pupils. :T ))

    [16:26:22] Charles Castellanos whispers: Yes please.
    [16:26:23] Emilio Velasquez says: Ma'am, come closer to me.
    [16:26:24] Elle Tanner says: No she's not ON anything. She's been with me the whole time!
    [16:26:24] (( (273) Elsbeth Tipple: well, it's my RP, so here we are. ))
    [16:26:38] * Emilio Velasquez slides out a pen from his breast pocket.
    [16:26:40] Your report has been submitted to the administration team.
    [16:26:40] You can cancel your report with /cancelreport.
    [16:26:45] Charles Castellanos says: I'll go run my checks.
    [16:26:53] * Emilio Velasquez aims the pen right in-front of his chest.
    [16:27:03] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Does your bike have a plate on the back? ))
    [16:27:33] [RADAR] Use /radar help to read the Manual! Available Commands:
    [16:27:33] [RADAR] /radar [Limit] - Sets an automatic Lock Limit, Use 0 To Disable!
    [16:27:33] [RADAR] /radar reset - Resets Position and Scale!
    [16:27:33] [RADAR] /radar volume [0-200] - Sets the Radar Audio Volume!
    [16:27:33] [RADAR] CTRL + Scroll To Resize The Radar, Click & Drag To Move The Radar!
    [16:27:33] [RADAR] Auto-Limit is disabled!
    [16:27:33] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 97, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:27:34] (( (34) Police Officer III Vance Bennett: 350 ppl afking ))
    [16:27:50] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Does your bike have a plate on the back? ))
    [16:27:58] ** [S: 6 | CH: TRAFFIC] Vance Bennett says: Need me to stay?
    [16:29:42] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Can you answer my question please? In terms of role play, does your bike have a plate on the back? The model doesn't have a plate. I would appreciate if you would reply please. ))
    [16:29:44] [HQ] Police Officer III Jordan Aguayo has gone on duty!
    [16:30:00] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: I don't know. You guys are being over the top over some shit that I believe was desync ))
    [16:31:07] [HQ] Police Officer I Mateo Casal has gone on duty!
    [16:32:12] * Emilio Velasquez knocks on the window.
    [16:32:17] > Charles Castellanos opens the left window of the car.
    [16:32:17] To open/close other windows use /vwindow [window], options: left, right, rleft, rright.
    [16:32:18] Charles Castellanos says: Hi.
    [16:32:19] Emilio Velasquez says: Yeah, she's not cooperating.
    [16:32:35] Emilio Velasquez says: I can't test her dilations, she won't allow me.
    [16:33:00] Charles Castellanos says: Her behaviour is pretty erratic, she's totally unreasonable, slurring her words, riding like an ass, shouting abuse at you, eyes like manhole covers, bloodshot.
    [16:33:02] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Brandon Bean says: 2T11 clear.
    [16:33:03] Charles Castellanos says: I think she's intoxicated.
    [16:33:08] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Kane Navarro says: Canine 11, show me back available.
    [16:33:14] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Laura Zan says: 2T15, clear.
    [16:33:17] Emilio Velasquez says: I was here a few minutes before, she had a bottle in her hand.
    [16:33:21] Charles Castellanos says: Oh really?
    [16:33:23] Emilio Velasquez says: Yeah.
    [16:33:26] Emilio Velasquez says: I just didn't cite her.
    [16:33:35] Charles Castellanos says: So you saw her drinking from an alcohol container?
    [16:33:40] Emilio Velasquez says: But she did have a bottle in her hand. I couldn't tell if it was alcohol or what it is.
    [16:33:48] Emilio Velasquez says: Well, I couldn't make the label.
    [16:34:00] USAGE: /drugtest [index]
    [16:34:10] Emilio Velasquez says: I'm traffic, we could do a breathalizer on her.
    [16:34:17] [HQ] Police Officer III Jordan Aguayo has gone off duty!
    [16:34:27] Charles Castellanos says: I mean I'll be honest, I don't think it's alcohol intoxication.
    [16:34:31] * Emilio Velasquez nods.
    [16:34:33] Charles Castellanos says: I think it's narcotic intoxication.
    [16:34:39] Emilio Velasquez says: Could very well be.
    [16:34:44] Charles Castellanos says: Coke, meth, something along those lines.
    [16:35:18] Emilio Velasquez says: Well, she's declining a dilation test. I'm thinking we can get her to the precinct and have tests done on her there.
    [16:35:27] Charles Castellanos says: To make life easy, her bike hasn't got a plate.
    [16:35:34] Charles Castellanos says: I'm gonna cite her for a noise violation and a reg violation.
    [16:35:34] Emilio Velasquez says: Jesus.
    [16:35:36] Charles Castellanos says: And take the bike.
    [16:35:37] Emilio Velasquez says: Got it.
    [16:35:40] Charles Castellanos says: And we'll leave it at that.
    [16:35:44] Emilio Velasquez says: Let me call a tow company.
    [16:35:54] * Charles Castellanos punches in the details of the violation on his MDC.
    [16:35:55] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 203, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:35:56] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 203, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:35:58] (Radio) Emilio Velasquez says: 61 Tom-1, any contractors available?
    [16:36:05] > Charles Castellanos unlocks the smartphone to take some pictures.
    [16:36:09] > Charles Castellanos pockets the smartphone.
    [16:36:16] > Charles Castellanos unlocks the smartphone to take some pictures.
    [16:36:19] > Charles Castellanos pockets the smartphone.
    [16:36:30] [RADAR] Use /radar help to read the Manual! Available Commands:
    [16:36:30] [RADAR] /radar [Limit] - Sets an automatic Lock Limit, Use 0 To Disable!
    [16:36:30] [RADAR] /radar reset - Resets Position and Scale!
    [16:36:30] [RADAR] /radar volume [0-200] - Sets the Radar Audio Volume!
    [16:36:30] [RADAR] CTRL + Scroll To Resize The Radar, Click & Drag To Move The Radar!
    [16:36:30] [RADAR] Auto-Limit is disabled!
    [16:36:30] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 97, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:36:37] * Charles Castellanos uploads the images from his work phone to the MDC. He tacks them onto the report.
    [16:37:43] Elle Tanner shouts: I will drive it for her!
    [16:37:54] Emilio Velasquez says: No-one responding from a tow company on our channel.
    [16:37:59] Emilio Velasquez says: You guys have anyone on your side?
    [16:38:03] * Charles Castellanos clicks done. The two tickets run off the printer.
    [16:38:05] * Charles Castellanos tears them off.
    [16:38:09] Faction Members:
    [16:38:09] Detective I Henry March
    [16:38:09] Police Officer III+1 (STO) Adv
    [16:38:09] Police Officer III+1 (MPS) Joshua Campos
    [16:38:09] Police Officer III+1 (STO) Ethan Parks
    [16:38:09] Police Officer III Vance Bennett
    [16:38:09] Police Officer III St3fan[NL]
    [16:38:09] Police Officer II Ian Rogers
    [16:38:09] Police Officer II Charles Castellanos
    [16:38:09] Police Officer II Laura Zan
    [16:38:09] Police Officer II Anastasia Galiani
    [16:38:09] Police Officer II Michael Chang
    [16:38:09] Police Officer II Isabella Flores
    [16:38:09] Police Officer II Amellis
    [16:38:09] Police Officer II Kane Navarro
    [16:38:09] Police Officer I Brandon Bean
    [16:38:09] Police Officer I Mateo Casal
    [16:38:09] Police Officer I Bella Chen
    [16:38:09] Senior Personnel Analyst Danica Ashford
    [16:38:09] Faction Members Online: 18
    [16:38:09] Faction Members Duty: 8
    [16:38:13] [ON DUTY] Taxi: 5, Mechanic: 68, Coroners: 0, Hospital: 0, Public Works: 0
    [16:38:16] Charles Castellanos says: You tried DPW?
    [16:38:18] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 203, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:38:19] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 203, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:38:24] Emilio Velasquez says: Not yet.
    [16:38:30] Charles Castellanos says: That'd be my next port of call.
    [16:38:32] Charles Castellanos says: Lemme go break the news.
    [16:38:36] [HQ] Police Officer II Ian Rogers has gone on duty!
    [16:38:40] Elle Tanner says: Or the one free drink.
    [16:38:44] Elsbeth Tipple says: Ja, v'real.
    [16:38:57] Charles Castellanos says: Ma'am, I've re-watched the footage.
    [16:38:59] Elle Tanner says (to Charles Castellanos): This song is for you!
    [16:39:00] Charles Castellanos says: Just as you asked.
    [16:39:04] (( PM from (285) Emilio Velasquez: Whats DPW? lol ))
    [16:39:07] Elsbeth Tipple says: I never asked dis'.
    [16:39:07] (Radio) Bakall Çela says: What's up?
    [16:39:11] (( PM to (285) Emilio Velasquez: Department of Public Works ))
    [16:39:14] Elsbeth Tipple says: I said I had footage from my boyfren's place.
    [16:39:29] Elsbeth Tipple says: Figuur jou verbage, mista'.
    [16:39:32] Charles Castellanos says: Although you failed to give way, your manner of driving had no impact on the safety of any other road user.
    [16:39:36] Charles Castellanos says: So I don't intend to cite you for that.
    [16:39:38] Elle Tanner says: "For the life, of a Deputy!"
    [16:39:44] ** [LSSD -> ALL] Emilio Velasquez: LAW **
    [16:39:47] ** [LSSD -> ALL] Emilio Velasquez: )) **
    [16:39:47] Hailey Rayner says [low]: Then what're you trying to cite her for?
    [16:39:48] (Radio) Bakall Çela says: If you want you can take it.
    [16:39:55] Charles Castellanos says: Your bike doesn't have a plate on it, though.
    [16:39:59] Charles Castellanos says: So it'll be two tickets today.
    [16:40:07] Charles Castellanos says: One for a vehicular noise violation.
    [16:40:13] Charles Castellanos says: Because you honked. Twice. With no good reason.
    [16:40:17] Elsbeth Tipple says: Okeh, so wat is da punishment for a shitty driver on COP'S side?
    [16:40:20] Charles Castellanos says: The other for a Vehicle Registration Violation.
    [16:40:31] Elsbeth Tipple says: Dude, do jou worst. I don't give a fok. Wat I care about?
    [16:40:34] * Elle Tanner sings into the song, "To WARN the other driver! That's what the HORN is for!"~ "
    [16:40:39] Elsbeth Tipple says: Is YOU moeder fokkers finking you kin just be hypocrites.
    [16:40:42] * Hailey Rayner laughs at Elle.
    [16:40:42] Elsbeth Tipple says: You know wat I fink?
    [16:40:47] Elle Tanner says: "I shot the Sheriff!"
    [16:40:48] Elsbeth Tipple says: I'd never ask someone to do somefing I'd never do myself.
    [16:40:49] Elsbeth Tipple says: So...?
    [16:40:58] Elsbeth Tipple says: Figuur dis' shit out, you fokken /uniform'.
    [16:40:59] Charles Castellanos says: If you'd like to make a complaint about the Deputy's driving, you're welcome to do that.
    [16:41:03] Charles Castellanos says: I'm a police officer, not his supervisor.
    [16:41:04] Elsbeth Tipple says: Ja, wat da fok ever.
    [16:41:08] * Charles Castellanos offers Elsbeth the two tickets.
    [16:41:11] The ID of Elsbeth Tipple is 273
    [16:41:11] * Elsbeth Tipple stares at Charles.
    [16:41:24] * Charles Castellanos has fined Elsbeth Tipple for $1,000 for 'IC 408. Vehicular Noise Violation'.
    [16:41:27] * Elsbeth Tipple crumples both tickets up, and holds them in one hand.
    [16:41:37] * Elsbeth Tipple glares with big old green eyes at Charles.
    [16:41:39] You are about to ticket a vehicle with plate KOH810, write the command again to confirm!
    [16:41:41] * Elle Tanner changes the lyrics a bit, "I shot the Officer!"
    [16:41:42] * Hailey Rayner watches the exchange.
    [16:41:44] Elsbeth Tipple says: I hope you die alone, mista'.
    [16:41:45] * Charles Castellanos has fined Elsbeth Tipple for $5,000 for 'IC 420. Vehicle Registration Violation'.
    [16:41:53] Charles Castellanos says: Your license has been suspended for three days.
    [16:41:59] Elle Tanner says: What?!?!
    [16:41:59] Charles Castellanos says: And your bike will be impounded for 3 days.
    [16:42:06] Charles Castellanos says: Have a lovely afternoon.
    [16:42:11] Hailey Rayner says [low]: Fucking ridiculous.
    [16:42:13] * Elle Tanner continues to sing, "I shot the cuckold officer!"
    [16:42:14] Elsbeth Tipple says: Don't ever show jou face at Big Puffa.
    [16:42:17] Charles Castellanos says: Hey, Deputy - I'll go grab a flatty myself.
    [16:42:19] Elsbeth Tipple says: You is unwelkom.
    [16:42:22] (Radio) Emilio Velasquez says: Sheriff's 61 Tom-1, anyone available for a tow?
    [16:42:24] Elsbeth Tipple says: ASshole.
    [16:42:29] Emilio Velasquez says: Alright perfect.
    [16:42:31] Emilio Velasquez says: I'll be here.
    [16:42:36] Charles Castellanos says: Cool man, won't be a sec.
    [16:42:39] * Emilio Velasquez slots his radio away onto his belt.
    [16:42:39] * Elsbeth Tipple photos both police officers.
    [16:42:51] [RADAR] Use /radar help to read the Manual! Available Commands:
    [16:42:51] [RADAR] /radar [Limit] - Sets an automatic Lock Limit, Use 0 To Disable!
    [16:42:51] [RADAR] /radar reset - Resets Position and Scale!
    [16:42:51] [RADAR] /radar volume [0-200] - Sets the Radar Audio Volume!
    [16:42:51] [RADAR] CTRL + Scroll To Resize The Radar, Click & Drag To Move The Radar!
    [16:42:51] [RADAR] Auto-Limit is disabled!
    [16:42:51] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 97, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:43:08] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 203, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:43:09] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 203, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:43:09] You successfully parked your faction/business vehicle.
    [16:43:18] [RADAR] Use /radar help to read the Manual! Available Commands:
    [16:43:18] [RADAR] /radar [Limit] - Sets an automatic Lock Limit, Use 0 To Disable!
    [16:43:18] [RADAR] /radar reset - Resets Position and Scale!
    [16:43:18] [RADAR] /radar volume [0-200] - Sets the Radar Audio Volume!
    [16:43:18] [RADAR] CTRL + Scroll To Resize The Radar, Click & Drag To Move The Radar!
    [16:43:18] [RADAR] Auto-Limit is disabled!
    [16:44:05] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 203, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:44:11] Elsbeth Tipple shouts: A WHOLE TRUCK TO TOW A LIL' BIRD!
    [16:44:19] Elsbeth Tipple shouts: BITCH ASS FOKKEN BADGE! HA.
    [16:44:20] * Emilio Velasquez slides out a pair of black leather gloves, sliding them on.
    [16:44:21] ** [S: 1 | CH: BASE] Laura Zan says: 2T15, Code 6 on Spanish Avenue with multiple 406's.
    [16:44:23] * Charles Castellanos pulls a pair of black leather gloves out of a pouch on his belt.
    [16:44:27] Emilio Velasquez says: Need help?
    [16:44:32] Charles Castellanos says: Yeah if you can strap the wheels.
    [16:44:41] * Emilio Velasquez bends down grabbing the straps from the flat bed.
    [16:44:42] * Charles Castellanos takes hold of the handlebars. He kicks the stand off and rolls the bike up.
    [16:44:50] * Charles Castellanos pushes the stand back on.
    [16:44:50] [HQ] Police Officer II Dominic Martucci has gone on duty!
    [16:45:03] * Emilio Velasquez would start strapping up the front wheels as he torques it tighter into position.
    [16:45:05] * Elsbeth Tipple peers. "Velasquez...?"
    [16:45:16] Emilio Velasquez says: Yes, ma'am?
    [16:45:28] Elsbeth Tipple says: Just rememberings.
    [16:45:32] [RADAR] Use /radar help to read the Manual! Available Commands:
    [16:45:32] [RADAR] /radar [Limit] - Sets an automatic Lock Limit, Use 0 To Disable!
    [16:45:32] [RADAR] /radar reset - Resets Position and Scale!
    [16:45:32] [RADAR] /radar volume [0-200] - Sets the Radar Audio Volume!
    [16:45:32] [RADAR] CTRL + Scroll To Resize The Radar, Click & Drag To Move The Radar!
    [16:45:32] [RADAR] Auto-Limit is disabled!
    [16:45:37] You are now towing the vehicle. To untow the vehicle please use /voff or the interaction wheel.
    [16:45:37]  (( Remember to roleplay your actions when operating the flatbed. Otherwise, administrative action will be taken! ))
    [16:45:46] > Charles Castellanos opens the left door of the car.
    [16:45:48] [XM Radio] You're now listening to station 203, use /radioshow to see the music player.
    [16:45:51] Elsbeth Tipple says: Jas, is cute, right?
    [16:45:54] (( (273) Elsbeth Tipple: ja* ))
    [16:45:56] Elle Tanner says: Hol-y...
    [16:45:59] Charles Castellanos says: All good?
    [16:46:00] Emilio Velasquez says: Officer, gotta go. 998 shots fired Davis Avenue.
    [16:46:01] * Charles Castellanos takes hold of the control panel and rolls the bed up onto the truck.
    [16:46:02] * Elle Tanner wheezes.
    [16:46:03] Charles Castellanos says: Take care man.
    [16:46:09] [RADAR] Use /radar help to read the Manual! Available Commands:
    [16:46:09] [RADAR] /radar [Limit] - Sets an automatic Lock Limit, Use 0 To Disable!
    [16:46:09] [RADAR] /radar reset - Resets Position and Scale!
    [16:46:09] [RADAR] /radar volume [0-200] - Sets the Radar Audio Volume!
    [16:46:09] [RADAR] CTRL + Scroll To Resize The Radar, Click & Drag To Move The Radar!
    [16:46:09] [RADAR] Auto-Limit is disabled!
    [16:46:12] Elsbeth Tipple shouts: OH, REAL POLISIE WORK!
    [16:46:15] Elsbeth Tipple shouts: WAT DO YOU KNOW!
    [16:46:20] > Charles Castellanos closes the left door of the car.


    Her PMing me later on:


    [16:53:48] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Okay, that was  unfair entirely. I am tempted to take this to the forums because I was ran off the road by Emilio, and I honked and u just ....went after me for literally nothing. ))
    [16:54:41] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Emilio literally ran me off the road at that intersection, which I believe may have been desync, as well according to him, and then you just completely fucked me with a 3 day license ban over an in-game error? ))
    [16:55:40] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: So over an in-game bug, plus miscommunication, you towed my bike, suspended my license and didn't even care to see any side of my story... ))
    [16:55:48] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Do I really have to take this to the forums, baba? ))
    [16:58:05] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Okay, goddammit. Fine. Literally, the worst time you could do this to me. I have to pack and move, my friend just fucking had a funeral, and now I gotta take you to the goddamn forums of some lame miscommunication? Goddammit, man. ))
    [16:58:54] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: I'm sorry to hear that you're having a tough time irl. I'm also sorry that you aren't satisfied with the outcome of the role play. I'd be happy to post my side of the story on the forum. I have a screen recording, and chat logs. ))
    [17:00:07] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: of what? me swerving to get out of his WAY? are you serious? what the hell? ))
    [17:00:28] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: You didn't swerve to get out of his way. ))
    [17:00:53] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Crimson#8737 ))
    [17:00:59] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: lets see then ))
    [17:01:35] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: I'd really encourage you to have a more friendly approach to other players. I'm not here to upset anybody. I'm just role playing. You've been quite abrasive since we role played. I don't find it very friendly/appropriate. ))
    [17:02:31] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Fine, be cordial as you will. But we both know that was bullshit. Have a good one. ))
    [17:02:46] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: https://streamable.com/hk2e17 ))
    [17:03:52] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: LOL OKAY. I honked twice and I got... pulled over? He STOPPPED SUDDENLY ))
    [17:05:13] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: thank you for the evidence. 🙂 ))
    [17:05:38] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: You needn't be so smug. You don't have anything I wouldn't be happy to share (and isn't on your citation report). ))
    [17:06:24] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Citation for what? A warning honk after the cruiser abruptly STOPPED? ))
    [17:06:28] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Mmkay. ))
    [17:06:39] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Any person(s) operating a vehicle that emits excessive noise - such as through unnecessary horn usage, or the emittance of loud music without regard to noise pollution. ))
    [17:06:46] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: This is an IC issue. Take the ticket to court. ))
    [17:07:02] (( PM from (273) Elsbeth Tipple: You love this, don't you? Toying with people? Good for you, friend. ))
    [17:07:05] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: You've ignored my PMs. You've refused to RP drug effects. You've lied about desync. You're being argumentative. This is very unpleasant. You're now harassing me. ))
    [17:07:08] (( PM to (273) Elsbeth Tipple: Please stop PMing me. ))


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  9. * Charles Castellanos enters the courthouse and makes himself known to the Usher.


    "Good afternoon, can you please inform Judge Williams in the case of Akane Ishii v. Margus Viiding that Bench Warrant #123966 has been executed and Mr Viiding is in custody at TTCF. He has, additionally, entered a Guilty plea to both counts. I have the report here."


    * Charles Castellanos hands the arrest report over to the usher and leaves the courthouse.



      (( @JudgeJuice ))


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  10. I would love if anyone has any ideas. I've spent the last two hours sat trying to connect to the server, which is all the time I'm available to play. I've tried other servers and the problem is the same. I've uninstalled Rage and reinstalled it again. I've updated the drivers on my computer. I've attempted to connect to the server 60+ times today and the problem remains the same.


    Given that I just sunk a thousand pounds into a laptop to play this game, I'd love if someone could help me to make this work so that I don't have a thousand pound paperweight I don't have any other use for, haha. 


    Edit: Found reference to turning off NVIDIA shadowplay. Tried this, and disabled NVIDIA experience altogether. Still no change.


    Another edit: I'm now attempting uninstalling Rockstar Game Launcher and Rage and have re-bought the game through Steam and will try re-installing again. 

  11. On 9/28/2021 at 9:19 PM, Jankara said:

    I experienced something similar recently and it turned out I had a left part of a single player mod in my main folder.  

    Thanks for your reply - I'm confident it's not this as the only thing I've done with GTA:V is play GTAW. I haven't modded anything SP related whatsoever.



    On 9/29/2021 at 11:54 AM, Kimberly said:

    I had this problem, anything Xbox related esp Xbox Identity Provider was my issue. Must be closed via processes every single time. 

    Thanks for the reply. I've checked for xbox-related processes and quit them. I didn't have Xbox Identity Provider running, but did have 'Game Services' with two sub-processes. I tried quitting them and re-launching, no luck. Same problem.



    14 hours ago, EMC said:

    Personally if there is any form of video playing, youtube, vlc, anything, then I crash everytime I log in.

    Having discord open causes issues for me too.

    Not sure if this will help, just thought I mention just in case, as you said you're open to anything. 

    Thanks for the reply. I definitely don't have anything running in the background, literally just the RageMP client.


    I've tried quitting Discord and re-launching, no luck, same problem.

  12. Hi all,


    I have googled this, searched YouTube, tried the Rage forums, read through topics on here, and I just can't find any sort of an answer that works. I am desperate to solve this problem because it is so frustrating, and I've just bought a new gaming laptop to play here but really cannot sustain spending 30-40 minutes trying to get in game just to play.


    I am running Windows 10.

    I have GTA V running through the Rockstar Games Launcher.

    I have both GTA V and RageMP installed on the same drive - the internal C drive SSD on my computer.


    I launch updater.exe in Administrator mode. The server selector client opens. I select GTA:W.

    The selector closes and a box pops up with a GTA style image saying 'Validating Server Assets'.

    This window disappears, and Rockstar Games Launcher opens. It says 'Loading'.

    That window disappears, and a black screen loads in windowed mode.

    That window stays for 3-4 seconds, then disappears

    The RageMP client is no longer running, and and the window for Rockstar Games Launcher is gone, although it is still running in the tray.


    It takes 20-30 re-attempts of doing this every single time I want to play. Eventually, it will work and the game will load randomly, despite just doing the same thing over and over again.


    I'm open to literally any ideas to try and make this stop, because it's so frustrating. I end up being annoyed by the time I get in game... games are supposed to chill you out, not wind you up! 


    Grateful for any ideas. 



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