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  1. Embarrassingly, this was the fix. I didn't realise windowed borderless, set at my screen's native resolution, looks identical to full screen. I'm not sure I understand the reason why this works, but it does. My game starts first time, every time.
  2. I would love if anyone has any ideas. I've spent the last two hours sat trying to connect to the server, which is all the time I'm available to play. I've tried other servers and the problem is the same. I've uninstalled Rage and reinstalled it again. I've updated the drivers on my computer. I've attempted to connect to the server 60+ times today and the problem remains the same. Given that I just sunk a thousand pounds into a laptop to play this game, I'd love if someone could help me to make this work so that I don't have a thousand pound paperweight I don't have any other use for, haha. Edit: Found reference to turning off NVIDIA shadowplay. Tried this, and disabled NVIDIA experience altogether. Still no change. Another edit: I'm now attempting uninstalling Rockstar Game Launcher and Rage and have re-bought the game through Steam and will try re-installing again.
  3. Tried validating game files on Rockstar Games Launcher, no change. Tried uninstalling and re-installing RageMP, no change.
  4. I have also tried the 'delete client resources' - no change, issue persists.
  5. Thanks for your reply - I'm confident it's not this as the only thing I've done with GTA:V is play GTAW. I haven't modded anything SP related whatsoever. Thanks for the reply. I've checked for xbox-related processes and quit them. I didn't have Xbox Identity Provider running, but did have 'Game Services' with two sub-processes. I tried quitting them and re-launching, no luck. Same problem. Thanks for the reply. I definitely don't have anything running in the background, literally just the RageMP client. I've tried quitting Discord and re-launching, no luck, same problem.
  6. I saw this, however I don't want to play borderless, I want to play full screen. Is the suggestion that I have to start borderless, change to full screen, and then change back to borderless every single time I launch and quit the game?
  7. Hi all, I have googled this, searched YouTube, tried the Rage forums, read through topics on here, and I just can't find any sort of an answer that works. I am desperate to solve this problem because it is so frustrating, and I've just bought a new gaming laptop to play here but really cannot sustain spending 30-40 minutes trying to get in game just to play. I am running Windows 10. I have GTA V running through the Rockstar Games Launcher. I have both GTA V and RageMP installed on the same drive - the internal C drive SSD on my computer. I launch updater.exe in Administrator mode. The server selector client opens. I select GTA:W. The selector closes and a box pops up with a GTA style image saying 'Validating Server Assets'. This window disappears, and Rockstar Games Launcher opens. It says 'Loading'. That window disappears, and a black screen loads in windowed mode. That window stays for 3-4 seconds, then disappears The RageMP client is no longer running, and and the window for Rockstar Games Launcher is gone, although it is still running in the tray. It takes 20-30 re-attempts of doing this every single time I want to play. Eventually, it will work and the game will load randomly, despite just doing the same thing over and over again. I'm open to literally any ideas to try and make this stop, because it's so frustrating. I end up being annoyed by the time I get in game... games are supposed to chill you out, not wind you up! Grateful for any ideas.
  8. Following. I'm getting the same issue. Usually after 4-5 re-attempts, I manage to get in-game. I've re-attempted SEVENTEEN times in a row, and it's still doing the same thing.
  9. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I was IN the PD when those people were chief. All of those people are different people! Highest I hit was Captain. Greg Ruck was going to hand over to me, but I left, so Max Harp took over!
  10. I was LSPD under Darius Fontaine, Aaron Rogers, Greg Ruck, Max Harp, Edward Dmane... what a time to be alive.
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