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  1. Right now, certain payments can be triggered by employees (cash wash, vehicle refuels) but it will not show which employee triggered these expenses. It would be cool if a field can be added that lists these. This might be relevant for factions as well.
  2. I am still looking, please mail me if you have something.
  3. This has been sold. L&A.
  4. Please leave your details as per the format.
  5. This has not been sold yet. I have been able to reach only one bidder so far. I will keep trying.
  6. The property formerly known as the La Mesa Postal Center is now for sale. It is situated in La Mesa, in East Los Santos sitting below Interstate 4 (Olympic Freeway) on Popular Street. The structure features 3 loading docks, which lead into the main warehouse floor which comes ready with multiple pallet storage units, and smaller storage shelves. It comes with a small office area on the warehouse floor. The main entrance (secured by code panel) to the building leads into a hallway past a toilet block and towards an entry onto the warehouse floor, as well as the stairs towards the first floor area. Upstairs, there is a small loft for relaxation. The entire warehouse floor comes equipped with air ventilation and 13 very large windows on the second floor level, giving the entire building a spacious and light allure. The facility comes with a lot of space surrounding the warehouse, with room for parking for a series of vans, trucks, other vehicles or outdoor cargo storage. Please view additional pictures of the interior and exterior below. This property is up for auction, and offers are accepted starting from $200.000 with only bids being posted below in the designated format being considered as valid bids. Viewings are possible as well. For this, please leave your Full Name, Phone Number, and E-mail Address ((forum name)) below, and we will attempt to schedule a viewing on short notice. OOC Information As an opportunity for the buyer, this property can come with a unique business script (original cost $50.000) as well as a pretty much unused GoPostal Boxville (5 miles, stock, retails at $75.000), for a total of $50.000 on top of the winning bid. The transfer of the business script may require Property Management approval. The market price for this property is $110.000 The furniture value for this property is $94.823 The standard buyout limit is therefor set to $424.000 In case of multiple buyout bids, a winner will be selected at the seller's discretion.
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