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  1. You can still be a criminal and not harm or victimize "harmless" people. For instance drug dealers don't necessarily have to harm or kill anyone theoretically(at least not directly if we include selling hard drugs to vulnerable customers). Neither do money launderers, drug manufacturers, illegal gambling ring heads and weapon traffickers either. Not that there's anything wrong with robbing, mugging or intimidating "harmless" people if it's all IC within reason. But to say that all criminals by definition have to rob/kill "harmless" people or other criminals is a bit short-sighted. In real life there is a wide spectrum of different types of criminals involved in various non-violent criminal activities.
  2. Update: Starting bid and buyout price has been lowered substantially, as I am eager to wipe my hands of this property as soon as possible.
  3. This apartment consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom with a spacious living room, combined with the kitchen. Perfect for couples and bachelors/bachelorettes alike. Located in the centre of Los Santos within Pillbox Hill, this apartment is great for anyone eager to get right into city living. Viewings are available now! Contact me on 98150233 for any further inquiries or to book a viewing. Starting Bid: $80,000 Buyout: $150,000 Exterior: Interior: Living Room / Kitchen First Bedroom Second Bedroom Bathroom ((OOC Information))
  4. *Username: ElReina *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): 5 *Comment: The punch on was quite an entertaining experience for my first visit. On an unrelated note these chicas really know how to discipline children, respect. Also the food was ok.
  5. You have misunderstood because it's extremely unlikely that a pure 100% legal civilian character will be ck'ed out of the blue. The risk is further reduced if your character simply complies with every robbery/mugging/extortion and doesn't seek retaliation afterwards or during the incident. In comparison illegal characters are far more likely to be ck'ed since most sign over their CK rights to their factions and sometimes even umbrella factions. Additionally illegal characters tend to get into beefs with other illegal characters, which can sometimes build up to a CK.
  6. It's basically an ooc punishment for not putting value on your character's life. It's not applied to all muggings or kidnappings gone wrong where the victim dies, but from what I've seen there's a slight chance the mugger/kidnapper might report the victim for not rping fear properly to get a ck.
  7. Also if you run when someone has a gun to your head and you get shot after......that's a CK my dude.
  8. I'd say if you were a non-criminal and a non-prominent citizen there'd be an extremely low chance of you being CK'ed. However that being said it's not impossible and it depends entirely on how you react to others. Say if you were being mugged by some criminals at gunpoint and then you yourself pulled out a gun whilst that was happening, then yes you'd be liable for a CK for not showing fear and you likely would be CK'ed if gunned down afterwards.
  9. I mean hey we now have the TV programs from GTA V in GTAW, so in my view we're already on the path to injecting some typical GTA zaniness into the universe. Not to mention that the real world has already drastically diverged from whatever weird universe GTAW is set in, as two world changing events are declared to be non-canon(Russo-Ukrainian war and Covid-19). So if we're trying to emulate real life 100% then it appears like we're already failing and we should live & let live. Being a character within the actual GTA universe sounds awesome, however that being said with everything there naturally needs to be limits and a moderate degree of realism. We should aim to create characters or content along the lines of like Niko, Michael and Franklin not Trevor(at least not for mass murder etc).
  10. Does Grand Theft Auto the video game series exist in any form within the GTAW universe? If so generally how would it differ from how it is irl? For example would San Andreas be replaced with California in the in-universe video game?
  11. The problem here is that OOC many people see trucking as a career for bad roleplayers who just grind cash like it's an MMO to buy sports cars or mansions. I use to truck as my main job on my drug dealer character, however I never used the money to buy absurdly expensive things that don't suit my character's IC background. I thought being a trucker would go hand in hand with being a drug trafficker naturally and despite the anti social nature of the job I managed to get a tiny bit of interesting rp out of it. In the end I still quit the job to instead pursue a retail type job on my character. A combination of factors led to this including a fear of being associated with the bad types of trucker rpers who are in it for the grind, the anti social nature of the trucking companies, and basically the community's OOC impressions on truckers generally. For some reason being a bartender is held in higher esteem than being a trucker.
  12. I mean personally I always the thought the best approach to aging up was just to do it when hitting IC milestones, rather than relying on the amount of hours you spent on a character. In a span of five months I aged up my drug dealer from 23 to 28 and roughly did it by one year every time a notable change happened in her life. However I do agree that aging up into an older(40+) character comes with it's own downsides to the social rp scene as most businesses seem to cater to the young adult clubbing scene sadly. With illegal rp specifically I'd just suggest focusing on being an independent criminal and/or associating/joining with organized crime syndicates, rather than street gangs since those scenes are more friendly to older characters. On a side note just because you can't join a street gang doesn't mean you can't still interact with them if they permit it. I mean you could always buy/sell them weapons, drugs and offer to mentor certain members in criminal activity if you're a veteran criminal(ala Franklin & Michael).
  13. Property has been sold please L&A.
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