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  1. I don't blame you, this whole subject of poor escalations along with the fact how easy it is for some people to get butthurt over a worthless IC situation, and how some people manage to move IC issues from in-game onto Discord then turn it into a real animosity are the reasons I don't play anymore.. One year of gameplay was enough for me to decide I didn't need that toxicity in my life, especially when playing a videogame shall be about having fun and not going through arguments, and to be honest it's been good since I've taken that decision.
  2. Gotta love when somebody is reported and they call on the whole gang to start spamming their post with likes and claps as if it would change anything of the final outcome. However, this suggestion is gay so no
  3. I'm a Russian Diva from Moscow with 38 Double Dees Tiddies who just moved into the city to begin a new life and build herself a career, my dream is to open my own Cosmetics company.
  4. Gato

    Newbie tips

    Have fun, meet people, make friends and make sure you keep your shadowplay recording if you're planning on doing some gang roleplay because those mfers will report you by the moment they catch you in their eyesight or as soon as they see you coming from miles away.
  5. Project Los Angeles (PLA), best days of my life
  6. Strange, I've never seen an animal rescue shelter with a red lighting.
  7. I wonder what happens inside interiors, can you give me an idea of what goes on in there?
  8. If someone decides to buy a mansion IC and spoil themselves with expensive cars and whatever else, as long as it suits their character's lifestyle and what they roleplay, I'm totally okay with it.
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