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  1. +1 This would significantly turn things better.
  2. Many players in this server like 'action', which end up with tons of fights and shootings that start over nothing, recently it also happens on legitimate businesses as well. I agree with the guy above who wrote the server turned into a Battle Royale. I invested a lot of time in my legal character, but it seems like impossible to play with it anymore without getting into real trouble. There will always be some kind guy with low RP, waiting in the corner, who drags scenes into fighting. Not fun anymore.
  3. (( @Dutch Your images are expired, I think. ))
  4. Username: Insider Comment: I wish the LSPD & LSSD detectives would put the same EFFORTS into managing their crime scenes & collecting strong evidence efficiently, as they put in POLITICS.
  5. Name: Jamie Comment: I've witnessed a few cases handled by Attorney Laurier - she is a true expert. Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  6. Have a boat that gathers dust in the marina, sitting there without any use? Give me a call. PH 6006. (( Ingame phone calls / SMS are cool, but leave here a message too pls ))
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