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  1. The Los Santos Golf and Country Club is not a traditional faction nor business. Our OOC goal in the simplest terms is to create a hub for the servers powerful and wealthy, a place where business, pleasure and backroom dealings blend together into one. This is not your traditional business which operates on regular openings but instead an RP hub for characters who’s stature or prestige alienates them from most other places on the server. Open and free to them for use whenever they see fit. To do justice to such an exclusive property, one of our responsibilities is to ensure all the members have a realistic background to check out as members. This is why, unlike traditional factions on the server LSGCC is only recruiting existing characters for membership. With time, memberships will be handed out on referral basis only, you will have a chance to interact with the existing members during our public events. But all in all, what we're looking for is essentially fitting characters. Characters based around politics, organized crime, business and law is what our current memberbase consists of, and these are the circles it will mostly expand around. So if you're willing to get involved as a member, be mindful and ask yourself if you really fit in before bothering. If leisure is all you seek, and your character doesn't have anything to do with golf, we may not be the right fit for your character. Any questions or concerns may be PM'd to this account.
  2. Our business thread. (IC section for event announcements, vacancies, etc.)
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