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  1. next time u lookin thru binoculars big brother washing...
  2. I mean we have the Italian mafia, American Yakuza and Suey Sing. It's not bothering me. I don't think it should bother anybody.
  3. We used to run a salon (hair and nails) and it was such a painful experience to get in anybody at all to roleplay. It just seems to me any concept that revolves around roleplaying is considered a "niche" concept. They never draw a lot of customers. The business script where you get 1K for somebody entering relieves the pain a bit. You open a store 9 out of 10 people that enter leave immediately without roleplaying at all. I don't think anything is going to change that. The only business concepts I think work are restaurants / takeouts, bars, strip clubs and nightclubs. I run a cinema now and very few people come. But that's okay. The few people that do come are often very enthusiastic and say it actually feels like going to the movies. Yesterday two people asked for a refund because they came an hour early and said the service sucked because they had to wait too long, lol. I also did tarot readings once (house calls) and while most of the time I got trollish phone calls, it was some of the best RP I had because you actually talked about character development and I met characters I would have never met otherwise. But I don't think a lot of people know how to roleplay in such a situation. People need to get rid of the idea that unique ideas get rewarded because they rarely are. You need to enjoy what you're doing and be flexible in terms of expectations. Get ready to lower them. New and interesting concepts are often very solitary and highly appreciated by a very few. But high concept roleplay often draws a few rare likeminded people. It's just very sour when you "wait" weeks to open your business, only for it to sort of result in an anti-climax. But it's not any different than real-life. That's why I think the process should be fast-tracked. "Average Joe places" aren't just rare. Average Joes in general are rare. The way I see it, what OP is asking for is a place to portray their character / concept. When the majority of people on this server aren't looking to portray anything at all. They're just looking to go to a place and spend time. When you go to a club, most people aren't really engaging with each other. They just stand around like they're socializing in WoW's main city, listen to some music, talk a bit on Discord or in /f. There's not a lot of lines flying around, and it's often incoherent. It's just how people play the game. I don't think you're even going to change that. Going to a place with the expectation of having some rich roleplay is just very hit or miss. "Visiting businesses" is often not really part of these types of characters' roleplay routine. So the problem partially lies with the restrictions people put on themselves. When I roleplay a civi, we often "get food" at whatever business is open because it's easy to create roleplay around. Visiting a salon would really be something else. But when I roleplay on my criminal character, I don't care all that much about "getting food".
  4. This is quite standard on WoW RP private servers but then you also needed a place to put item stores.
  5. Businesses don't last not because there's no randos who want to work at your place lol. They don't last because there's a very limited amount of concepts that draw customers. People go in with high expectations. You need to be aware of this when opening a business. It's not so different from opening a faction. You don't open a faction without members either, or a faction that is not self-sustainable.
  6. 100% this. People go over this fact too easily, and I really don't agree with Wutah and Nervous wanting to avoid having to punish players. Such an apparantly enormous amount of players participating in looting is a sympthom, not a problem in and of itself. GTAW is a text-based roleplay server surrounded by voice RP and light RP servers. Players who engage in looting need to be made aware it is not acceptable, and if they don't want to play "our game" they need to go. However, imo in game design if you don't want something to be done at all, then remove the option. I think Nervous' suggestion is fine, but people seem to have a problem with the word "broken".
  7. Haha when you make an app you need to write three paragraphs on how your character got a degree in flipping burgers and making a BLT sandwich but then people do this.
  8. Little Seoul's only and oldest film house screens a selection of extraordinary films produced today or in the past century of film! Located on the corner of San Andreas Avenue and Ginger Street in Little Seoul. Google Questions and Reviews is enabled. Questions & Answers (by users) Q: What films are there A: The schedule is on their website....... Q: what movies screened today? A: Look at the schedule on the website! Q: What movies in room 1 A: Check the schdule Q: What movie is june 26? A: Its on the schedule Q: CAn you pay your ticket at the box office? A: There's no app you pay at the box office Q: how much are tickets? A: $ 1.000 Q: do you sell popcorn? A: yes they sell buter, salt, caramel, Q: is the theater open on tuesday A: no its on friday and weekend!! Q: When is chrismas? A: its on 25 december moron!!
  9. Imo everyone's talking about gangs, when to press, how to roleplay or act in the hood, having history or no in an area. It's such a triviality. I always feel like the people engaging in these discussions aren't actually the problem, so who do you want to listen? The issue described in the OP, threads about "poor escalation" and general complaints about roleplay quality lies with people not understanding the gamemode and staff doing very little to moderate it effectively (sorry). Staff overflows in paperwork already but more bureaucracy isn't helping the case. GTAW presents itself as a "roleplay" server but doesn't describe the gamemode anywhere. The questions in the player applications don't help. Is this literally the best the server has to offer? RP is presented as a gamemode where the end goal is to write emotes. The server only really introduces technicalities and instruments for RP but there's nothing coherent. If you asked a DnD player what roleplay is about they probably wouldn't tell you it's about rolling a dice. Really, where does GTAW stand amidst the dozens of roleplaying communities in different games? Please write up some manifesto. Let players know what you expect of them in RP. Is it storytelling? Is it like second life? Are we a simulator? Like I said, when conflict sparks people act like total morons and don't know how to behave. No wonder roleplay is unenjoyable. Some illegal factions are literally just tribal warfare for lack of a better word. People act like morons when they press you for walking around the hood because THEY HAVE NO CONCEPTION OF WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE DOING. How can they respect it? They act like bullies. These people are playing an entirely different game. You enjoying the "rp" never crossed their mind. It's what they do. They roleplay a self-insert in a gang area, sit in Discord chats, act tough and can barely seperate IC from OOC. Their character is literally just an avatar for them. You can't blame them and OP's message isn't going to land. They don't give a fuck because they're playing a different gamemode from you. They could care fuck all about story, character development, whatever. Imo it was never any different in past communities. It was an issue then and it is an issue now. And people liked to shit on gang RP in LS-RP too because it was most prevalent but shit roleplay was really found anywhere. It's just that back then it didn't really matter because you could just ignore it and roleplay in your own scene. Now? You still have these idiots but also staff curating your roleplay over stupid trivialities. But guess what. They're still here!!! If staff (management, really) isn't ready to encourage roleplay on a more abstract level and make choices nothing is going to change, ever.
  10. Sorry what analogy? Maybe I missed something.
  11. He's basically just saying that people don't understand that roleplay is a storytelling gamemode where violence or harm should be fun for all parties involved because it could be engaging and thrilling. Conflict is what promotes development in storytelling theory. But on here many people use violence not with the intent to tell a story but as a substitute for a competitive shooter. When some people pull a gun, their brains turn into cum. OP words it wrong because he's making mention of crime, when it doesn't really have anything to do with it. I think people largely miss the point as can be seen from many of the replies in here. People make it too nuanced and it turns into a strawman argument. OP doesn't say violence should be restricted or that crime shouldn't be allowed. He's just saying people should make an effort to keep roleplay fun, in general. FYI it's not people who are victimized by crime who can't take an L that makes certain "roleplay" unenjoyable. It's the context of the roleplay that often makes it lame and only fun for one party. But it largely stems from people's inability to tell a story. Which in turn, in my opinion, mostly stems from people failing to understand that RP is a storytelling gamemode to begin with because they get mixed signals (culture in this community and past communities really promotes aspects of gang culture and many characters are self-inserts). I also don't really see staff encourage people to roleplay. RP enforcement is too focused on details and "realistic portrayal" and not actually on telling an engaging story. But this is not new to this community.
  12. God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?
  13. Solsroyce

    NC Abuse

    Why waste so much energy on an issue that is so obviously only used by people who aren't there to rp anyway haha. You think punishing players or making NCs less appealing will help? People who have this play to win mentality need to be weeded out from rp anyway. But yeah never gonna happen because its too radical and in somebody's head they serve to make the server look more populated or something.
  14. Looking to buy stand-alone garage or storage space in or outside of the city. Open to any and all offers. Text on 82956735 or e-mail.
  15. It's very sad but I feel like throughout my twelve years engaging in roleplay, the quality of the genre has seriously degraded. This server and others is a product of communities that have preceeded it. The sad part is that I feel like the worsening quality of roleplay is mainly caused by the staff's on-going effort (in past communities) to usher it into a better direction. The product, however, is that very little has changed, but it has only instilled more roleplay quality gatekeeping and bureaucracy. In retrospect, things weren't so bad back in the day. The endless complaints about mallrats has changed nothing. The degredation of the genre's quality has very little to do with the script's possibilities and systems like business and property applications or funding requests and moreso an overall culture that has been bread by a vocal minority in 'General Discussions' and opinionated staff, with very little direction given to it. This server advertises as a heavy-text based roleplay server but the management doesn't seem to communicate a vision publically on what this exactly entails and in what direction the genre should develop. I am clueless as to what anybody in this thread calling 'roleplay standards', 'good roleplay' or 'roleplay quality' exactly entails. This server's community is one of the most toxic I have ever experienced. Actively being judged behind your back, rumors being instigated that have an influence on what you can and cannot do on this server or how you're being treated, people trying to actively thwart you in trying to roleplay and seeing everything you do as an action of hostility. It seems that this is mostly what roleplay on this server entails for a lot of people. Instead of engaging in roleplay and seeing conflict as a means to propel a story forward, it is many people's mission to give you a bad time, and these plots are constructed in Discord servers. After the first three or so weeks I have played in this server, it has been my experience that good roleplay constantly gets squashed in favor of people engaging in tribal warfare, and the sad reality is that staff, instead of standing up for you, will often pick the side of the people giving you a bad time. Rules are enforced with a double-standard. I know people that have literally been forced to roleplay anonimously to get the "pure roleplay experience". It's really sad. My opinion is that staff's increasing control of the genre has bred small cliques of an elite that go on to bully other people and dictate the meta.
  17. I get your point. I'm just saying, and what I mean by 'strawman', is that harsher punishments for certain offenses doesn't neccesarily mean that model roleplayers get punished too harshly. The argument disqualifies the solution as if it's a bad thing, when it's not, because it instigates fear of being too hard and punishing differently (and in some instances harder) leads to the situation we're in right now. You can write rough guidelines to gauge intent and measure attitude to come to a fair conclusion that's in the benefit of the server and its players. Are you out to start shit and grief RP? Get out. Are you going to argue and are you unwilling to see it from both sides? You disqualify yourself. 'Fair' doesn't mean that everybody's always happy or gets their sweet revenge. But it just feels bittersweet when somebody scores bad on the former and then just gets away with a warning. It's a useless conclusion, because the reported party feels no remorse, doesn't feel they're in the wrong and while they might not grief an interior again, they're going to carry that same shitty attitude into other roleplay situations. It's more the intent with which some players roleplay that renders a lot of interactions toxic, and it goes unpunished. The sad reality is that I have never heard anybody speak positively about the vibe in the illegal scene for instance, and this was 100% different on other servers I have played at. I don't know how to add anything constructive to this discussion anymore because I don't know these admin handbooks and guidelines people talk about, so I'm going to stop here. I just want to add that if these guidelines is what Wuhtah followed in the OP something is off and is restricting her. At the same time if you say 5 admins come to such different conclusions, then what do these handbooks and guidelines do? And don't forget that rules and enforcing rules is just an instrument to achieve and maintain some kind of vision on what entails good roleplay and what is desirable. What I and Frezemis understand under "standards" might be two completely different things, so you have to formulate a central vision and curate it as the server develops and you gain new insights as a staff team.
  18. To be fair you're all drawing a strawman argument here. The issue doesn't lie with punishment of people that make small mistakes and the punishment being too proportional. The issue lies with people who actively grief other people's roleplay, have an attitude and go on to lie when malicious intent is super obvious. It's all about intent here. The report in OP is a clear example of that. Jamal jeopardizes other people's roleplay and efforts. It's not fun, and deleting somebody else's hard work in-game was never going to be a fun roleplay experience for the victimizing party. You can't make me believe that Jamal thought people were going to have a good time! Nothing could come of it but hostilities. Especially considering the victims were civilians that would never go so far as to use any form of violence to retaliate. It's almost unfair. I feel so gutted for the mapper cause he's such a nice person OOC, and I feel like the reporting party just got trampled here in their efforts to just have a good time. It's demotivating as hell.
  19. I haven't been around on this server for so long so take what I say with a grain of salt. In all fairness you didn't make it look like you were biased at all. You took your time to listen to both parties and also went ahead to check logs and whatnot. To me it's mostly about a player's intent. People can break rules, sure, and they can come to regret it or genuinely misunderstood or having been unaware of a rule. I saw a report once where a bunch of people I was around got reported for breaking robbery rules but they made it pretty obvious they weren't aware how detailed searching a player during a robbery had to be and thought a few short emotes would suffice. A simple explenation with context would have done the job here, and I understand it is enough to warn a player and void the roleplay, which was the case. But in this instance the reported player clearly had malicious intent. No matter how you take it, it could never have resulted in 'fun' roleplay for both parties involved, even if the player took the time to write more emotes. The intent was to damage / grief another player because they were angry about something out-of-character, which is a recipe for disaster. The reported player went on to show not an ounce of regret about what they had done, which is more an ego problem. What I honestly think staff should do more in these situations is encourage players more to have both parties empathize with each other and learn from the situation and if both parties are willing to see both sides of the story the punishment can be more lenient. Maybe the conclusion with a warning would then actually have felt more satisfying for the reporting party too because it'd feel like progress was made and their point was brought across. Perhaps it would have lead to an apology, too? But I understand handling a report like this takes even more time. The way reports are dealt with now just seems to me like it sometimes breeds a bad server culture. Punishment shouldn't be a goal in and of itself because players will still just split with grievances. e: this is not a criticism directed at you personally also because you're one of the admins that have come across to me as professional. not saying that to suck up.
  20. Yes please. I love the visual effects. They go too fast. At least make it last longer, like two hours. Maybe allow people to turn it off for accessibility if they become seasick 😛
  21. Ah the classic realism argument. My theory has always been there's a difference between 'realism' and 'believable'. Roleplay isn't a life (or whatever) simulator. It's a genre where the focus is on telling a captivating story on the go. And the theme in GTA is that it should be contemporary and convincing fiction. Realism is something that can never be achieved and also has its downsides. It's a fine balance. Yeah, I get your point. Rare cars should be roleplayed as rare. But in a roleplay server excentric and rare characters are always going to be more common than in real-life, depending on what draws you, and that should be tolerated. I think curating what concepts people should be able to roleplay or how many people should roleplay it is dumb. People should first and foremost have the freedom to tell their character's story regardless of concept, and regardless of whether somebody else finds it appealing or not. Cars and houses in that are just cosmetic. They help to portray your character just like /examine. Don't overvalue it. I don't think it's really a problem if far too many people roleplay rich characters, just like I don't think it's an issue many people choose to roleplay criminals. It doesn't degrade roleplay quality as long as they do it right. Maybe it's not desirable. But curating how many people can roleplay a certain concept just limits other players who are very enthusiastic about doing something from doing just that, and I think that's more of a concern for a roleplay server: that you don't have the freedom to roleplay something that is perfectly valid. If it's unbalanced focus on stimulating other avenues of roleplay rather than adding a quotum for the amount of rare cars. Plus you're making cars artificially rare and desired by limiting access out of character and making them exceptionally expensive. If you could just spawn a fast car for $1 they wouldn't be as desirable for a certain (and maybe the wrong) group of people. I don't understand why people give a fuck about what assets somebody's character cosmetically owns. They're just cosmetic, after all. And half the time the people complaining about it aren't even the ones that are actively involved with people's roleplay. So the people in here complaining shouldn't be complaining in the first place. It's like somebody is standing on the street, sees somebody drive by in some sportscar, and they think "grrr another one of those!". When you literally have no clue what these people roleplay and whether the reason they have the asset is valid. Let alone whether you agree with the reasoning or not. It's gatekeeping other people's roleplay, and it's dumb, because you're in no position to. It's a problem with people having stupid associations, not the people driving uncommon cars. We have rules that describe what sort of roleplay is allowed or isn't and there's always going to be rulebreakers or people who deviate too far from the median or don't feel comfortable in your concept. But the amount of 'unordinary' cars people drive is not a problem and not something I think staff should waste their time on, which is what was meant when said "there being far bigger problems". Stop gatekeeping people's roleplay. It's none of your business. Driving cars is also not roleplay so I don't understand how driving fast (which is not unique to high performance cars) or the distribution of uncommon cars among players could lower the quality of roleplay at all. It's bad associations again, that people who own uncommon cars drive fast and can't roleplay, and that out of this fear (which is not a statistical fact nor something that could be investigated in such a way) certain roleplay or assets should be restricted. I.e. people who can do this perfectly fine and in their concept see such a thing as necessary are restricted from roleplaying such a concept because you're only focused on the people that abuse it / don't do it right. I think this topic and concern is also a massive waste of time because people were complaining about non-rp driving in 2012 and it's just a fact of life. Focus staff efforts on stimulating different kinds of RP and facilitating players rather than coming up with more rules and policies that restrict the roleplay that is currently going on and in the future.
  22. I literally have 0 issues identifying (M) and using /examine to figure out if somebody is 14 or 17. Don't get the hate against (M) either. Not everybody that is (M) is a 12 year old ruthless gangbanger. Sounds like you all need to expand your crowd. To me it's fun to roleplay a coming of age story and a nice deterent from getting every dude asking for your number when you walk into a place. It's fun to go back to the years where you didn't really give a fuck about anything. People are bad at roleplaying a lot of shit not just (M) so I don't see why this should be further restricted. I'm minding my business though.
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