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  1. There is this thing called server lore. Might wanna do some research on it bud.
  2. Maybe robbers hate you or something ☹️
  3. i don't mind. Funny how they say the game is dripping in crime but they say they have nothing to do.
  4. Never accused you of tax evasion. You did say it out loud that the word 'donator' isn't mentioned in the shop. Also you can do better than bronze customer. C'mon now...
  5. You're stumbling on your own words here. Can't blame him for 'spreading lies' when it literally is mentioned that it's a donation rather than a monthly subscription of some sorts. I can go on. If it hurts you to read such takes on this maybe you should implement some grammatical changes.
  6. Simple requests that wouldn't take more than 5 minutes completed being dragged all the way to hours. I'm not saying staff takes too long to complete tickets. They don't take any to begin with.
  7. Agreed. There are people on gtaw who still RP colorbanging or Caporegime Antonio Pepperoni from Sicily. The list goes on
  8. too much of a menace for gta world staff
  9. Yeah but the staff team isn't quick... or agile. When simple requests take anywhere from 2 weeks to half a year, of course people are going to be pissed off.
  10. Mass hire admins so I don't have to wait hours in game for a simple report ticket.
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