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  1. Props to Desmond Brown. A real Reggae Shark in the ER. Nothing but good interactions with people in PHMC. Keep it up!
  2. It's entirely dependant upon the internet speed you have and wether or not you run the game from an SSD or HDD. However if you just let it download for some time I'm sure you'll get through it eventually :) But no, at least for me it isn't like this normally.
  3. In agreement with the suggetion. Instead of having it proximity-based you could make it based off of people's license plates. That way you're able to type /vticket or /vfine <plate> <amount> <reason> for instance.
  4. Kebab


    Not opposed to the idea. Would be an even better job with DLimit's suggestion added ontop of this. It's a grinding process, sure, but I guess in the end it'll be worth it for those who wish to explore this.
  5. Not a bad suggestion at all. Watches are a nice piece of accessory and would be great to have.
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