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  1. Good luck, let me know if you change your mind.
  2. veganb

    [SOLD] Tug

    Offering 60.000
  3. Can offer a Glendale Custom for trade + 20.000
  4. Looking for a Victor that is equipped as a Taxi, also a Tugboat, shoot me your offers!
  5. SCHYSTER CHAMPION - $75.000 Champion - Photo ((+OOC)) HERMES - $100.000 Hermes - Photo ((+OOC)) Glendale Custom - $80.000 Glendale - Photo ((+OOC)) Trades are always welcome, feel free to offer down below. Please leave your phone number along with the offer!
  6. Can take the Taxi if you are available for trades.
  7. veganb


    willing to pay 50
  8. Looking to buy the models specified in the title. Hit me up with offers, paying good!
  9. They're gone if the house was bought by someone else.
  10. Current leader, still waiting for 6PM.
  11. will wait 'til 6PM tomorrow for any other offer. current leader!
  12. I'm sadly selling a beast of a car, lots of miles & upgrades. Photo attached here: Photo. It comes with performance & security package, very well maintained. It tops out at 165MPH, a variable because of the surface. Not looking for low ballers, price is starting at $150.000. Trades considered with old custom models. Leave your offers down here along with at least one contact method.
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