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  1. Nobody wants to play traffic light simulator, FiveM communities put a huge emphasis on this and it just turned into one big traffic light stop simulator and the players there were highly annoyed getting stopped every 3 minutes for passing through yellows because it takes so long to sit at a light, keep things a bit simple here, no need to get so realistic, simple yielding behind the white line I fully agree, not Euro Truck Simulator, don't torture us with this and make this happen permanently.
  2. Rock bars honestly, and no none of that punk, grunge. It would be cool if somebody could recreate the 80s LA Sunset Strip glam metal feeling in one club/bar.
  3. Still got a Phoenix available? I asked weeks ago and no response, thought y'all died lol
  4. You want a cookie or a special forum badge that says '' nerd'' ?
  5. Can you follow what Frezemis said above or do you really want this thread locked down because of your massive ego? maybe get some more friends to like your posts, maybe that'll cool you off. This thread is legit called unpopular opinions, mine was that SFM needs to be shut, lmao just deal with it and stop hanging on old sorrows.
  6. Now you are putting words in my mouth, calm down. And no tax is not magic LMAO, when you sell a vehicle or pay for a GC or CCW where do those funds go? Oh yes LSGOV, there is a whole Finance system you should look up before you speak.
  7. Really? from what I know they just check if you have fire extingushiers and bother all businesses...and what arsons? I haven't seen that RP in months and its super rare, why keep a tax guzzling faction for 5 arsons a year? It's smth FD can do imo. And if they are LEO's they should act like it, my experiences were horrible, can't count for SFM to help you as a cop when somebody is beating on you in front of them. Just because I believe a certain age is a must does not mean I'm bashing it's more of a common sense thing, imo anyways, but you do you man.
  8. Finding lawyers is actually impossible lmao, besides public defenders I mean.
  9. Username: OnHooverFam Comment: Hmm...feels like I went there in another world, ya feel me? wink wink. Close to San Fierro, anyone?
  10. Make transgender RP the rarest sight of RP in Gta World's history.
  11. No need to apologize bro, you do you, dont fall for this woke BS, never apologize to these type of people.
  12. Lmao just delete this post. You basically said, nobody but us IMEX can do towing, we demand a stop to all democratic free market competition so we can be number one. If anybody you should get sanctioned for this lmao, definetely boycotting IMEX cos of this dumb post.
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