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  1. Username:yungjah22 Comment: the beat is louder than the vocals bro but its lowkey fire overall
  2. Username: specsispec Comment: holy shit i was the random driver shoutin @ u to film it in the beginning hehhehee nicee!!!
  3. 10 more months to go bro..
  4. tbh its just dumb that it’s like “if you’ve broken any rules in the past 6 months’ n whatnot, it’s going to be a hard application, i know, 6 months is hella excessive, not everyone knows the ruleset off the top of their head, 6 months is too much tbh, i’d say something like 3 months or 1 month would be better, but waiting half a year just to get a chance to put up a request & lease..? Idk tbh, but that’s just me.
  5. Yeaight restrict rp behind more applications & based on ur server record. Got a warning because of something minor you did? Too bad buddy! Reappeal in 5 months, cause the thing you did is so severe…
  6. lol the “no server record in the past 6 months’ should get changed ”hey man why cant you get a unique car like ours?’ ”sorry dude i got a warning 3 months ago for something, can’t request a house nor a car now even if my character fits the criteria : ( ‘
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