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  1. So? Its roleplay my guy, you aren't supposed to be yourself. If someone saying the n word while rping a gang character ( i recommend u do some research ) makes you mad, maybe roleplay isnt for you 1,156 posts of straight complaining about illegal roleplayers when the threads aren't even about them. Truly rent free.
  2. man i really hate these discussions... theres no RIGHT way to roleplay someone from la, la is a diverse city with every type of person you can imagine. the map is small and this is ROLEPLAY so at the end of the day you're going to come across those mean mean mean bullies who make fun of your character for being homosexual. there is no solution to your problem except to stay ic, if it bothers u that much just ignore it, really not that hard. homophobic people exist even in LA which is a very liberal city, there's still a lot of people who look at homosexual people a certain way, especially criminals. This is a dramatize depiction of the real world, if this was 1:1 no one would play because they'd be so bored.
  3. Drug HP promotes drug RP very well. 200 is too much but just 50 hp is too little 100 and capped at 150 is a good middle ground.
  4. LSPD is supposed to be held to a higher standard than most other roleplayers, yet they have managed to become onpar with the group they despise so much, the Davis (M) noobs. Illegal RP these days is very awful, but the LSPD is right there with them. People have tried reaching out to make changes to both LSPD leadership & LFM and get ignored. The entire PD needs reformed with people who are actually willing to restore relations, focus heavily on character development, and offer a meaningful roleplay experience rather than leaving every illegal RPer with feeling like they got the short end of the stick.
  5. Same here pal, but if evidence isn't visible to me how can I point out rulebreaks?
  6. Shooting civilians in a robbery isn't fun, they got no aim... Rob pf gun and then go shoot the opps? thats the idea
  7. Jesus man, don't give them any ideas.... Here's an unpopular opinion: Robbing for PF guns isn't bad. If the entire city almost carries an item that can be resold for $20,000+ and I want to take advantage of that, there's no problem with that. As long as the people who die during the robberies CK if they get killed, I don't think its really an issue. The entire city carries around a gun, and people will buy a single pistol for as much as $50,000, if planned and roleplayed properly, there shouldn't be an issue with it.
  8. This, you guys are really missing the entire point. The entire arguments provided against this suggestion are "well just trust the admin", why should I have to trust the admin when its been proven countless times over again that several admins are corrupt or commonly overlook rulebreaks that a player can point out. Its nothing about 'sensitive information' its all about 'I reported someone and broke several rules myself so I'll send the video to the admin in private because its more work for them to point out my rulebreaks as well.'.
  9. I get where you're coming from, I just think it causes more harm than good. If someone is THAT worried about their information being MGed, they can literally take 3 seconds and edit it out. Or, better yet, report the person who MGs the information in the video. 9/10 when evidence has ' sensitive information ', they know that they likely broke a couple rules themselves and have a better chance of the admin missing it, rather if they posted it on the public forum, players would likely point it out. "If someone suspects that an admin has misused private evidence against someone, then there is a staff report and appeals process for that." This is the core idea of my whole argument, we will never be able to know if an admin acting maliciously on private evidence because we haven't seen it.
  10. Bitch I brought the Glock... In the fuckin rari! 👿
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