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  1. Limiting dm, police chases and unrealistic criminal roleplay in general, encouraging people not to roleplay an all-perfect character (like ur char has to get sick at some point no??), there should be a disease / sickness script to force people to roleplay properly, thus giving more roleplay to fd and hospitals also cutting down on sports cars is a must because it’s cringe seeing a sports car everywhere you go And please for the love of god, make all businesses a safe zone. It’s unrealistic to see 24/7 police scenes at every club, bar or any business I know nobody will take these suggestions seriously but o well, I hope they do. They will make a huge difference in the server
  2. DM, crime commitment and police evasion in general need to go down. LEO factions get no less than 4 pursuits a day and at least 5 shootouts a day, which is highly unrealistic. People need to calm down and start developing their characters instead of spending their daily character lives evading police and shooting at each other.
  3. Property interior images This well-furnished cozy one-bedroom apartment in Vespucci is up for sale. The apartment comes with a good looking balcony that oversees the entirety of Vespucci. It comes with a well designed interior, one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen. Furniture value: Starting bid: 180,000 Buyout: 280,000 (( Market price: $95,000 Furniture value: $85,696 ))
  4. anyone from newfoundland here
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