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  1. I'm fairly confident its because most people who play criminals on here take inspiration from somewhere. If that inspiration exists, its because the person who inspired/influenced their "criminal" behaviour was loud enough for people to base their own characters on. So their just doing what they think criminals would do, I guess. E.g, if you're basing your character on "Big Bad Ricky" from your local block, the fact that you know hes a criminal should be enough for you to not take inspiration from them.
  2. However, if it wasnt obvious, by dedication to trucking has not allowed me to use the auto pilot much, now that I have, I still think it should be accessible to everyone, however I think it's pretty fair to say I wont be ever using it again.
  3. Just FYI, using the auto pilot is significantly slower than not using it, any excuse of truckers using it to benefit them financially is just untrue. If you are a trucker wanting to make money, you wouldn't use auto pilot to begin with. Its irrelevant. If you think trucking is good money, you need to explore the server a bit more.
  4. People over 25. Plus gotta mention the fact that most of the players behind it have literally 0 idea how organized crime works outside of podcasts and documentaries. Not their fault, but it's just pretty incomprehensible a lot of the time.
  5. And for fuck sakes people, let's be honest. Would you rather me be auto piloting around safely at 40mph while "watching youtube" like some people think we're doing, Or would you prefer my speedo Express that goes 120 to smash into you because I'm watching youtube while driving. I dont AFK on the server at all really, and I never drive like that personally but the way I see it this would be more sensible. And just reiterating: AP while trucking is entirely possible, but it's almost exploit-ish they way you have to do it.
  6. The driving is automated, not the job. This in no way allows it to be "automated" anymore than anyone else on the server uses it for. People use it for drug runs that make more money than truckers. All this does is allow us to automate a 5 minute drive that wouldn't of involved anything more than using WASD. I'd like to text, call, use radio, all that good stuff that helps my character develop instead of trucking seeming like quite literally a "money grind". My thoughts are that if people are going to assume the reasons we want this is to benefit in some way, it probably says more about what your way of thinking is than mine. I've for no second even considered people would abuse this, those who are making those assumptions are, again, just letting us know what their really up to.
  7. My question would be when you set a new waypoint while already on the way to one, would this change it to the new waypoint without resetting the auto pilot? If it does, I'd imagine this would be possible. I have noticed you can do /startshipmemt to pick a spot, do the / command again once the waypoint is set, then cancel so it doesnt count as a job, but then use AP to go to the waypoint and just to the command when you're there again. Same with drop offs.
  8. Please refer any opinions and suggestions about the functionality and income related to trucking to the relevant thread. This is only really to discuss the inability to make use of the auto-pilot function during /startshipment Again: Truckers can STILL USE auto pilot currently, just not during a shipment. Meaning there is an imaginary ghost that takes the AP from my van randomly.
  9. Amazing point bro, most trucking runs are no more than a couple of minutes in one direction, there is hardly a chance to go "afk and money grind" at all.
  10. Then report them for it if you can prove it.
  11. This is exactly it. I own a speedo express that hits 120 on a good day, auto pilot is stopping me from getting money as quick.
  12. I'm confused about this though, you've said that it was added so we can RP while driving, taxi and truck drivers seem like the place where most of the RP while driving would be happening. And I've said already I'm not a money person, but if someone wanted to use it for work which is entirely the reason people do it irl let them, it's not up to us to decide how people play, if it breaks rules, report it.
  13. Sorry bro, I think i misread your post in my last reply, wasnt exactly targeted at you. That's my bad entirely.
  14. If people are going AFK while driving they should be reported. It's unfair for people to assume that we want something so that we can "AFK money grind". I dont give a fuck about money, and when I'm on the server I'm on it for a reason, not to go AFK. This would allow my character to work on some passive RP while I'm trucking, instead of having to dedicate all my time to managing the script functions of the job, leaving me with not much chance during a run to RP.
  15. I've been told it's the same with Taxis, instead of using the meter you just dont use it at all, and charge what you think its worth. I'm not condoning doing this, I'm just pointing out that the general idea of preventing truckers and taxis from using autopilot is not working anyway, you either have to remove the autopilot from the trucking vehicles and taxis entirely, or let it function normally.
  16. Hey guys! Just pointing out this is specifically talking about the use of the INSERT function during /startshipment. If you could please put some effort into your reply that would be great, and would help keep this on topic. Disagreeing with this suggestion on the basis of "the function dosent work to begin with" is astronomically unhelpful and irrelevant, cheers. PLEASE REMEMBER: I've already explained how truckers can still use the autopilot function, so you're not stopping anything, it would just make it easier to do.
  17. You can try telling them to not respond, they do anyway because they want to be involved, and think their the only ones doing it. 90 cars of people thinking their the only cop that's "just gonna do a drive by anyway". It's because people dont know how to play cop.
  18. Do the PD have dispatch? I'd imagine someone saying "two officers are responding already" to redirect units would help. Yet we all know they would just show up "just incase" anyway, think their the only ones, like the other 89 cars.
  19. To be fair I usually drive 20 under the posted limit and regularly smash myself into the median every so often IRL, so its not too unrealistic. You should have a look at my other suggestion then, its suggesting truckers pay $150 per crate but when you sell it it actually takes another $200 or so instead of paying you, you'll like that one. Glad to see other likeminded people around, I hate when people work for money.
  20. Username: PeterG Comment: If only being a shitty investigator would get them fired from their jobs, guess you'll just have to sit in that club on your own for now. Fingers crossed for ya though!
  21. So, if you're just wanting to make it appear more realistic, why not just pretend its divided by 10 already? Not trying to be cheeky, just seems like a huge effort for something that will just change how it looks. Could be misunderstanding you.
  22. In my opinion, that is the entire point of auto pilot, not saying I'm right though. The idea behind auto pilot seems more like making vehicles being able to drive by themselves, not some supernatural inability to use it on the same vehicle I was using it on 5 minutes earlier with just because I am running a delivery. Hypothetically, If you use auto pilot to go to the pickup spot, then use /startshipment, load the van, then use /startshipment again, but don't select a job, just cancel out of it, it resets the job allowing you to then auto pilot again to the drop off stop, where you can use /startshipment again, select the drop-off spot you're now at, and drop it all off. So essentially, you're not stopping anyone from doing anything.
  23. Short description: The new Auto Pilot system is amazing! However, it doesn't work when doing trucking! Commands to add: INSERT/AutoPilot to work regardless of /startshipment status. How would your suggestion improve the server? For people like myself, who enjoy driving so much, the only time we would use autopilot is during long, boring drives, like when I'm working. Edit: Just for anyone curious, I am not employed with a company, therefore realistically I can install whatever I want in my truck, cheers. There is also a way around the block for truckers, so it's really not stopping anyone, just making it a bit extra of a mish.
  24. Personally if there is any form of video playing, youtube, vlc, anything, then I crash everytime I log in. Having discord open causes issues for me too. Not sure if this will help, just thought I mention just in case, as you said you're open to anything.
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