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  1. I'm fairly confident its because most people who play criminals on here take inspiration from somewhere. If that inspiration exists, its because the person who inspired/influenced their "criminal" behaviour was loud enough for people to base their own characters on. So their just doing what they think criminals would do, I guess. E.g, if you're basing your character on "Big Bad Ricky" from your local block, the fact that you know hes a criminal should be enough for you to not take inspiration from them.
  2. People over 25. Plus gotta mention the fact that most of the players behind it have literally 0 idea how organized crime works outside of podcasts and documentaries. Not their fault, but it's just pretty incomprehensible a lot of the time.
  3. You can try telling them to not respond, they do anyway because they want to be involved, and think their the only ones doing it. 90 cars of people thinking their the only cop that's "just gonna do a drive by anyway". It's because people dont know how to play cop.
  4. Do the PD have dispatch? I'd imagine someone saying "two officers are responding already" to redirect units would help. Yet we all know they would just show up "just incase" anyway, think their the only ones, like the other 89 cars.
  5. Username: PeterG Comment: If only being a shitty investigator would get them fired from their jobs, guess you'll just have to sit in that club on your own for now. Fingers crossed for ya though!
  6. Personally if there is any form of video playing, youtube, vlc, anything, then I crash everytime I log in. Having discord open causes issues for me too. Not sure if this will help, just thought I mention just in case, as you said you're open to anything.
  7. This may be because I'm not American, but I dont actually any purpose for it; it seems like a bunch of overly eccentric people using big words and trying to talk about issues that I've never even heard about. I agree with what someone else said about it just being "background noise", I've never seen anyone actually make much of a difference apart from ostracize themselves by not minding their own businesses. They seem to just get ignored and try to create issues for the people ignoring them.
  8. Username: PeterG Comment: Being able to assault women and get away with it is the only reason I moved to Los Santos. R.I.P R Kelly
  9. Still keen to hear from anyone about the use of the Hauler.
  10. I don't have an opinion on this really, I'd like to pop this in here for the reason its helped me with this exact issue. Again, I'm not saying this is and instead of your suggestion, just has helped me while I save up for a $14k removal process. Undershirt 195: Works with most Shirts.
  11. Changing the color of your license plate is $5,000, "rich" doesn't mean the same thing on GTA:W as it does IRL. But more importantly, as you may have noticed this thread has brought out a large amount of people who think they get to dictate what other people RP or not. They RP what they want, because they want to. Get over it.
  12. EMC

    dungeon masters

    This is actually already a thing with FM I believe, like they are allowed to play one off characters (e.g. cartel representatives) for the purpose of story/continuity. If they actually do it or not is another story. This was my interpretation from reading the rules on what types of rp/factions are allowed anyway. Totally see what you're saying though and I agree, I'd love to do it myself, was some good money to be made amd fun to be has running storylines for ArmA 3 Zeus matches back in the day.
  13. EMC

    Bars and clubs...

    It's called supply and demand.
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