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  1. Nuh-uh. There's full on dresses and such under Undershirt and Decal, I don't know how it is for Male characters though. Aswell as potentially rearrange the clothing in the actual real-life catagories to allow for more personalising. If decals and undershirts can be taken off surely things like towels, overcoats, jackets, high-vis should be placed under such tabs in the clothing script, same for duty-belts put them under accessories tab etc etc. Make all the base layer clothes and top layer clothes organised to allow for them to be taken on and off. Definitely support both suggestions in here.
  2. I'm surprised I made it into a picture. Hi! It's Alexandra Hall (LEO) / Damon Westwood (FD) here. ❤️
  3. Myself & @Connor would sit on TeamSpeak for hours discussing different medical things for SAMP on Red County RP and how the UK ways are so much different to the US.


    Rest in piece fella. You're in a better place now. ❤️

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