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  1. I'm not sure how you'd even implement this practically; if you want SD to focus more on jail, how do you incentivize that? As I've seen in my experience, mandatory jail hours only causes people to sit AFK in the bubble to check off their box for the month. You don't incentivize people to actually DO things in TTCF by making it a mandatory requirement to play the faction. In fact I'd say it has the inverse effect- people are even less likely to get seriously engaged with it if theres a time requirement. I'd like to actually hear what could be done in practice that would make jail roleplay engaging for CAs and deputies. Running chow, yard, etc. creates roleplay opportunities for inmates and I understand that- but it does ultimately end up being a chore for deputies who set it up. As far as the main topic of this thread, the hype would quickly fade away and it would end up with the same issues as TTCF. I dont see an additional faction being viable- I'm not sure why theres an expectation that creating a new faction specifically for this project would assist with anything. The idea of a Corrections dept. is nice in theory but I seriously seriously doubt there would be enough interested people that would keep that fac rolling for more than a couple weeks at best.
  2. Sent you a forum PM, mistake on my end @SlideOnTay
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