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  1. ahhh well damn. Thanks for the info. Quick follow up: I assume you can't work on your own cars in your home garage either right? Assuming you have a home garage that is.
  2. So I bought a large towtruck, and I figured out how to tow vehicles by raising and lowering the winch. I also see I can press 'X' in it to flip or fix a car, but can we not use it to mod or upgrade cars? The reason I'm asking is I see people making calls on the mechanic line all the time, and sometimes mentioned paintjobs or upgrading/tuning, etc? If you're a freelance mechanic (or want to be anyways), how and where do you work on peoples cars if you're not attached to a business garage?
  3. Oh weird, cause I found some randomly on the ground? I guess it's a collectors item I'll just hold to lol. Thanks for the info!
  4. I was able to find that Refined Iron is used in crafting, but I can't seem to find anywhere that says where or how to get Iron Ore or refine it? Also is Iron Ore or Refined Iron sellable?
  5. Thank you for replying! So that would be illegal from an in character sense right? OOC as far as server rules, would that result in a ban or kick or admin jail or anything? And perhaps parking lot was a bad example, say for example, like opening a fruit stand on the side of the road? In character, maybe if you do it in the wrong spot, like in front of city hall or in front of a fire hydrant, it would be handled in game by cops or fire marshall or whatever. But it wouldn't be something an admin would have an issue with so long as it's not disrupting the server in general correct?
  6. Is there any rules against starting a business from a parking lot or from the back of my truck? At least as far as the server, as I understand business licenses and laws and all that in character may apply? This could be for legal items (like, I dunno, chocolate bars or something) or illegally acquired items (like someone stealing a boom box or something)?
  7. Pretty quiet because of the b41 delay, but thought I'd pass this along: https://gatewayroleplay.org/
  8. Well you can park it near a fishing spot and fish off of it, but otherwise afraid not. *cough* deepseafishingupdate *cough*
  9. Well, I just so happened to be out at sea when that big thunderstorm hit, so I figured I'd take some pictures of the lightning show to share with everyone. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Are boat upgrades possible? And if so, is there a certain spot to take them or can you call a freelance mechanic?
  11. robbietwoguns


    So I know housing requests in UCP are disabled, but what are my chances of buying a place in or near Paleto Bay? Are they super expensive because of lack of availability? Also do housing requests ever open back up, or is it pretty much full at this point?
  12. robbietwoguns


    I noticed in the mask shop there are several sets of facial hair, but only in dark brown or black (whichever it is). Is there a way to change the colors on those? Wanted to make sure before dropping 5k on it. 😄
  13. Oof, can I sue the dealership for false advertising? 😄 Oh well, appreciate the help again, thanks!
  14. It's the Declasse Tornado Convertible (at least that's what it's called at the dealership). I havent seen any mods for it at the garages, but I might have missed it?
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