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  1. (Optional) Username : $TR8 FROM THE H83D Rating : ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Comment : I highly recommend this store but I have a complain, they need a hot girl in there working.
  2. ((Before reading or deciding to join us, take this in mind. We are looking to have fun and we seek creative heavy roleplay scenes. We aim to be here long time. Enjoy.)) PAST, MOSCOW: Spetsnaz started raiding/arresting VvZ members by ambushing some of their meetings, Fedor was about to go on one meeting that was ambushed and on the way to it traffic was terrible. An traffic accident occurred and cars were moving slow while Fedor raged cause he is late, not knowing it gon save him from the jail time. Fedor called one of members to let them know why is he late in such a important moment on which members even come minutes earlier. One of spetsznass noticed phone ringing on the car hood and tried to make owner to answer and bait the caller into meeting by picking up and placing a burner to owner's ear on which he just replied with "Иди на хуй свиньо!" (Go on dick pig/Sit on dick pig/Fuck yourself pig). Fedor realized that police is there and immediately ended the call and came back home after tossing his Berreta and burner into the river. Fedor decides to travel to Wien to cool off a lil bit. PAST,BALKAN: Tomislav owned an cafe in Zagreb, he earned enough but he earned much better on the side by pushing dope, coke and pills to the smaller dealers and selling on the streets. Blaža is a child off them Belgrade streets from the hood Banjica, also an war veteran, after the 90's he mostly slanged and stole whips those were later sold to the buyers, but sometimes even returned to the owner, if he have money ready for them of course. Also, Blaža mugged people on the street, mostly in the alleys Banditry occurred. Blaža, after the war did things stated above, but that was just to the 2005 when he started doing much bigger crimes and stopped with those /street crimes/ or so called /small crimes/. Then he met Tomislav in Zagreb where he planned to rob an Jewelry. They connected with few more people that would know where to sell the loot and to turn jewels and gold into the cash and they did the job. After the job, duo decides to split but to remain in contact. Blaža met Arsenije back in the Belgrade where they did money laundering mostly and grabbed cuts from it. Arsenije went to Santos to /clear the path/ when Blaža comes and Blaža decided to go and meet up with Tomislav. Tomislav and Blaža met up few more times before, after the jewelry job but this was the crucial meeting. They decided that they should go to Wien and do a job there. Lugage was packed after all documentation was done and they went on a trip. Slovnesko Bratstvo [Slavic Brotherhood] did their first crime in Wien, Austria. Everything started when Fedor met with Blagoje and Tomislav in Wien after traveling to Wien from Moscow. Trio first behaved like tourists to shake off the suspicion of Balkanian cops in Wien, who spy on balkanian tourists (Cause Balkaninas are well known for crim. activities in Wien, robberies & dope slanging mostly). Trio did two smaller Jewelry store robberies after spending week and half in Wien in a span of just a day. They dipped to Balkan to lay low for a lil bit. Those were two classic motor bike robberies, mace, balclavas under bike helmet, without a single victim. From Balkan they went to the Santos with some extra money they made. In Santos, organization starts to rise and gain it's full power. Mob has numerous slavic etnic members from all slavic countries and is on good financial status even after big police action/a raid where some of the members were arrested and big ammounts of dope and coke were seized. Mob is separated by criminal activities, everyone does their job. VvZ-Thieves in law(Russians/Post soviets) do crimes like robberies, murders, kidnapping of enemy members for interrogation. Serbs, Croats and other EX Yugo members do any crime that brings them earnings, they are lead by moto "A job is a job." , sometimes even being "masked" under legal bussineses unlike VvZ that don't earn legally and is under strong thief code for which they would rather die than to break it. Bulgarians mostly do racketeering, man butchering, extortion, dope and coke sales in big quantities, weapon and explosives sales and also do scams. Moldavians, Estonians, Letonians, Czechs and Slovakians mostly slang dope and coke and are focused on prostitution and colaborate with/own strip clubs or Illegal brothels. Romanians mostly colaborate with Bulgarians, rarely they do jobs /on their hand/, solo. And if that is the case, they steal whips and sell them in parts, mostly to the mechs. "You need an engine block of the Vapid? No problems cous, seven grands." Slavs are keeping tight brother bonds. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/YAJbgQp32z
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