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  1. yeah ic is ic but im not gonna spend my free time playing a videogame where someone wants to fuck me over via a bulletpoint in their manual.
  2. nobody's saying it's static. people use irl gang culture and history as a starting point. if things evolve and change ic then they will.
  3. aaaaaaaaaaand thats when i stopped reading. apparently real gangs are overplayed. time to open Strawberry Surenos 13.
  4. gangs aren't some summer time project a couple kids get together to do. this is a common misconception I see with people that haven't bothered to research anything about gangs/never done any gang rp. a gang isn't just "blah blah crip/blood/piru/13/etc". gangs have different histories, different cultures, different ways of coming to be. they've had historic conflicts that shaped who they are, they've had major events change up how they operate, what ethnicities they accept, etc. and this is not even mentioning how ludicrous it'd be for a gang to start up today, especially in a city with such a
  5. you do know ap13 is a real life criminal organization? and that they do act very cholo-y?
  6. Does this apply to both the attackers and defenders or just the attackers?
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