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  1. Supporting this ^^ Many times I've found doors that are locked, when it doesn't really make sense for them to a) have a lock b) be locked Things like bathroom stall doors, you can't unlock them from the outside, so why can anyone with keys do it ICly meanwhile people without keys can't even lock the door when using the bathroom. Think it'd be a good addition 😄
  2. Offering 120k for it.
  3. Cheval Surge for sale with just over 300 miles on the clock Upgraded vehicle alarms and locks. Remote shutdown and tracker pairing available Willing to let go for $40,000 Call or Text me at 21750298 if interested! Images: ((OOC:))
  4. Rest in peace brother, you'll be missed

  5. I'm looking to buy a dirtbike, any make or model works as long as it can handle trails and such. Budget of 50k. Send me an email here ((Forum PM)) or text / call me on 21750298 if you have an offer for me!
  6. Buffalo for sale, performance and security packages. Asking $50,000 Contact via email ((forum pm)) or text me on 21750298
  7. Hundred percent agreed, ever since the restrictions the security teams activity has taken a massive fall and removes the motivation to RP
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