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  1. What's your discord, sounds like you havent even got Rage installed. Unless installed elsewhere
  2. When you say reinstalled Rage has a whole, did you delete all additional folders in your C drive? @HaminLord
  3. Try fullscreen mode if you don't play in that already. Noticeable difference for some people.
  4. Congrats you have won the auction. I will contact you to arrange the handover of the deed.
  5. For Sale 1003 Strawberry Avenue - Floor 10, Room 4 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Contact Info Ph: 6714 Starting Bid: $250,000 Buyout: $450,000 Minimum bid: $5,000 Entry Living Area Kitchen Office Space Bedroom #1 Bedroom #2 Bathroom
  6. Good stuff! Keep it up Brown
  7. vPaperMario


    @Patrick Bateman Are you still having issues? If so ping my discord at vPaperMario#8528
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